This Happy Valley home is a true urban haven

There are very few places in the world where cultures merge and influences interact the way they do in Hong Kong. A true convergence of East and West, the city is a product of its provenance and position, inspiring inhabitants to embrace the aesthetic impact that their immediate environment has on them.

Take this family’s vibrant abode as an example: realised by designers Anne-Julie Barnes and Janet Douro of By Nomade Ltd, it is a spectacular showcase of how the synthesis of Asian and European styles can manifest in impeccable interiors.

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“Three years ago, we were contacted by a family who had just bought this property in the heart of Happy Valley, overlooking the racetrack,” recalls Janet. “They were looking for a full renovation and a tailor-made layout to suit their three children – eight, five and two years old."

"The pillar-beam design of the property gave us the flexibility to reallocate space to meet the family’s key requirements – on the one hand, a kid-friendly area with ample bedrooms; on the other, a welcoming reception venue with easy access to the racecourse view.”


"This is a mix of Asian and European inspirations with warm Arabic hues. The result is quite unexpected compared with the minimalist trends you often find in Hong Kong," says Janet.

The vibrant dining area infuses elements of East and West into its decor.

The antechamber is where you can contemplate Asian-inspired artworks or leaf through tomes, all illuminated by contemporary Moroccan-style lampshades that cast beautiful shadow patterns on the walls and ceilings.

The bathroom is finished in sophisticated brushed slate.

Each of the bedrooms expresses its inhabitants' characters, from the playful, to the perpetual adventurers.

In the master bedroom a muted mint green hue and glass panels encourage an aesthetic fluidity.

Vibrant bed linen, dark wood furnishings and a bold wall hanging evoke sumptuous Asian escapes far from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong.

Soft hues on the walls are complemented and highlighted by bold appointments and items collected on the family's travels.

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