Cover Micro flats show how people can live functionally and creatively with only a small space to work with. | Photo by Devon Janse van Rensburg on Unsplash

Whether you're looking for design ideas for your micro apartment or simply curious about these tiny home spaces, turn to these nine micro flats around the world:

Micro flats have been the trend for a while now, mostly because people have been finding innovative and creative ways to live in a continuously growing world. This is why small apartments like such are most likely found in countries with the densest populations. But despite only having 350 square metres (or less) for a home, to some people, it's enough space to get cosy.

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Take a look at how people design their micro flats in different, creative ways:

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Futuristic micro flat in Hong Kong

Hong Kong currently has a population of 7.5 million which can be challenging when it comes to finding a home. While many look for simple micro flats, this tiny apartment space in Hong Kong is quite different. After living in the same place for years, the owner decided to change up the tiny space into something futuristic. Now, the micro flat has been transformed into a space-efficient and luxurious homespace that many can draw inspiration from.

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Stairway to a cosy bedroom in this Taiwan micro flat

There are many ways to design a micro flat to ensure all spaces—including the upper part of the room—are maximised. In Taiwan, a country home to 23.8 million people, some people live in micro flats with elevated bed spaces. It's simply a great way to separate work areas from the sleeping area.

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Space-efficient London micro flat

There has been a growing interest in pocket living in London as property prices continue to soar. More people are considering living in micro flats and finding ways to utilise space the best way. This minimalist micro flat in London uses furniture that is functional; be it benches that store different objects or adjustable tables.

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Cute micro flat in Tokyo, Japan

There are many residents in Japan who stay in micro flats that are complete with a bathroom and cooking area despite being such a small space. But this tiny living space also proves that there is always enough room for storage.

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Minimalist micro flat in Pasay, Philippines

Many working professionals are moving into the city where there are various jobs opportunities, making micro flats a great choice of housing. To stay comfortable and cosy in the metro, some are designing their flats in the simplest way. This minimalist micro flat in Pasay appears neat because most of the furnishings are strategically placed in the right places. Appliances and other household items are stored away and some furniture pieces can be used in multiple ways.

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Micro flat with a view in New York City, USA

You'll find various kinds of tiny living spaces in New York, but it's bigger than most micro flats. This micro flat in New York has a spacious area for the bedroom and living room and has a small area for the bathroom and kitchen. What makes the room even more special is its gorgeous view.

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Cosy micro flat in Indonesia

This micro flat in Indonesia might be small but it has ample space to move around—and place a TV set—unlike the others. There's a designated space for the bedroom that isn't all too noticeable if one's standing by the front door. The clothes are also kept neatly in one place and do not take up much space.

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Micro flat with a wall bed in Vienna, Austria

Other micro flats might have stairways to maximise the upper part of the room, but others find ways in storing away huge furniture. This flat in Vienna has a wall bed that can be tucked away by day so a foldable table can be assembled.

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Paris, France microflat with stacks of storage space

Micro flats are also easy to find in Paris. This space, however, is a bit different as it has stacks of storage space. This way, you can keep your things away from plain sight to keep the small room neat. It also serves as a partition between the sleeping area and the kitchen.