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Blast a bright ray of sunshine through your interiors with these zesty and vibrant rooms that feature yellow hues

This story was first written on July 5, 2021, and updated on August 5, 2021. 

It’s known that colour has the ability to influence our mood. In particular, rooms that feature yellow hues radiate a vibrant and energetic impression. The sunny shade instantly brightens a space and injects a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

So in a time of uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, it's easy to see why Illuminating, a cheerful yellow tone, was picked as one of two colours named by Pantone as the Colour of the Year for 2021.

Whether it’s a cheerful lemon shade or a darker mustard colour, these spaces add a pop of colour to your interior. Before you commit to the uplifting colour, make sure to do a paint test on the hue to observe how it changes throughout the day.  Below, we highlight some rooms that feature the cheery hue in an array of ways. 

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1. An inviting reading nook with yellow on the windows and walls

The home of farmer and gardener Reggie Tarr, this cosy nook is designed to be a comfortable reading space. Pale yellow walls paired with a soft built-in daybed effectuate a sunny and cosy disposition, while the darker yellow paint that lines the windows create depth. The inviting space is also layered with green hues, keeping the corner light and fresh without being overwhelming.

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2. A cosy bedroom with a two-tone contrast wall

If you’re wary of saturating your space with excessive boldness, turn to half-painted walls. The graphic feature adds a visual edge to your room and injects an upbeat vibe without being too hard on the eyes.

Danish design stylist and entrepreneur Marij Hessel opted for an ochre yellow shade in her bedroom. By keeping the upper horizontal half of the wall white, the mellow hue is further accentuated. For a striking effect, Hessel painted the dividing line with a brighter coat of yellow to add contrast. Pink accents and soft furnishings enhance the youthful space and add an energetic kick.

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3. A mustard yellow dining room

Yellow makes a great setting in the dining room; it creates a vibrant atmosphere to the space whilst you tuck into meals and converse with guests. The work of design studio Old Brand New, this dining room features the radiant shade Babouche from British paint giant Farrow & Ball.

The cheerful palette works its magic here and enlivens the dining room, creating a sunny and lively space. The design team elevated the contemporary space by peppering the room with a mix of blue and green furniture pieces to balance the yellow tones.

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4. A lemon yellow shower area

For a colourful home in Poland, Urbe Design Studio decided to create an energy-boosting bathroom inspired by summer colours. Committing to the homeowner’s request to not use mosaic tiles, the designers instead featured gradient-effect stucco on the walls of the shower. The zesty shade of yellow creates an uplifting mood that instantly brightens the owners’ mornings as they get ready for the day.

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5. A bedroom with shades of yellow and white on the furnishings and walls

If you’re concerned that a room with all yellow walls could make your interiors look overwhelmingly garish, try pairing the shade with a neutral hue such as white or black. Designed by California-based designer Danielle Nagel, this bedroom features both white and yellow walls painted on different sides of the space. The addition of white makes the yellow pop, and adds an amplified feeling of freshness into the room.

A bright yellow circle is painted on the accent wall, creating a fun contrast to the white wall. The statement headboard and footboard are also in the complementary hue, forming a dynamic and eclectic design that feels cohesive in the bedroom.

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6. Living and dining areas with yellow shelves and walls

Make a statement in your home with a sunny living room. For an apartment in Carnegie Hill, New York City-based interior designer Katie Ridder flaunted her expertise with colourful interiors. This playful living area features all four walls coated in a warm buttery shade of yellow.

The colour extends to the towering built-in bookshelves, turning each shelf into an exciting showcase for the homeowner’s extensive book collection. The designer also layered the cosy space with a combination of colourful accent pieces in blue, teal and red, which helps tone the enthusiastic yellow shade down a notch.

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7. A kitchen with corn yellow cabinetry

Yellow doesn’t always have to be energetically cheerful; a muted mustard shade can create a chic and relaxing space. This kitchen designed by brother-sister team Studio Shamshiri features a yellow shade on the cabinetry.

The mellow modern shade creates a cosy atmosphere whilst adding contrast and depth to the space. The team also factored in the natural light that streams in from the side window, which brings out the luminous tones of the dark yellow hue when there is strong daylight. To create a rustic charm that counterbalances the yellow, they dressed the space with wood furniture pieces and accents for a stylish vibe.

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