World-class comfort need not come at a high price for everyone involved, as this all-natural product demonstrates

Willow Mattress’ brand story began with a couple’s personal search for a latex mattress. “We both wanted the luxury, comfort, and support of latex, as well as the health benefits (anti-mould, anti-dust mites, etc) and eco-friendly benefits of 100 per cent natural latex,” says founder and owner Chantal Travers, whose family is based in Singapore. “However, during our search, we found the whole experience of searching for the right mattress to be overwhelming and complicated.”

Travers and her husband also learnt that “despite 99 per cent of the latex being used in mattress manufacturing globally actually coming from Southeast Asia, all of it was being shipped to Europe where it was being finished and branded and then shipped back”—at a huge cost to the environment as well as consumers. This knowledge was what launched the research and development process that resulted in what might very well now be Singapore’s best and most affordable 100 per cent natural premium latex mattress.

Tatler Asia

We cut out the shipment costs and the time to and from Europe while ensuring the same European standards and certifications as our competitors. We are involved in every step of the process, from plantation to delivery to your home, and beyond.

—Chantal Travers (pictured in the centre), founder and owner, Willow Mattress

Better Sleep for Better Health

Latex is a thick, milky white sap that is tapped from the trunk of Hevea brasiliensis, the rubber tree. It’s the tree’s natural defence against mould, bacteria, and other infections, which is why it’s inherently antibacterial and antifungal in nature, as well as resistant to insect infestations. Customers need not even worry about latex proteins, as these are water-soluble and are rinsed away during the manufacturing process.

The material’s natural elasticity is what makes it beautifully supportive; reviews from satisfied customers show that several have experienced a marked reduction in back pain and sleeping issues since switching to a Willow mattress. This elasticity also naturally moderates itself across a surface, such that movement by one sleeping partner will not disturb the other. Latex is also naturally breathable, so sleepers won’t easily overheat even in the local tropical humidity.

Travers has also taken pains to ensure that the farming process is green, and that the manufacturing process is free of toxins. This means that customers can choose between 100 per cent natural latex and 100 per cent organic latex, and rest assured that the mattress on which they spend their nights is free of ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, phthalates, formaldehyde, mercury, lead, or other heavy metals, or volatile organic compounds.

4 Reasons to Love Willow Mattress

  1. Willow Mattress boasts a unique three-layer adjustable comfort system that adjusts the firmness of your bed by changing the combination and order of placement of three separate mattress layers. Each layer also features the brand’s special seven-zone sleep system, in which mattress density is varied in a carefully calculated manner to provide optimum support to the different parts of the body.  
  2. There are 14 available sizes (standard Singapore, Europe, US, Australia and UK sizes) in stock at the brand’s warehouse, and custom sizing is also an available option for those who want it.
  3. Fantastic pre- and post-purchase customer service: Test out the sample mattress at Willow Mattress’ pop-up in the Emperor’s Attic showroom at Tan Boon Liat Building; delivery of your new mattress, and disposal and recycling of your old mattress, are offered free of charge; delivery personnel will explain the customisable sleep system and set up your mattress for you; there’s a 100-night Sleep Trial period after which, should you be dissatisfied, the mattress will be collected free of charge.
  4. Willow Mattress’ direct-from-source model directly benefits the farmers and workers who create its product and ensures the smallest possible carbon footprint. Each mattress comes with a certified organic cotton cover. The latex is guaranteed to last at least 15 years, and the mattress is 100 per cent biodegradable (with the mere exception of the zippers).

Willow Mattress is part of the Best of Singapore 2021 guide.