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Tropical pizzazz is best imbued at home with these inspired local pieces

Though our seasons may be temperamental, living in a tropical country comes with its own set of charms. It brings with it its own unique personality, something most interior designers love to take inspiration from. Refurbish your living space with these stylish tropical home items that are sure to keep you in a constant state of summer. Check these shops out: 

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1. Cariloo

Keep yourself safe from the sun (or the tropical rain showers) with these block print umbrellas from Cariloo. They come in three different colourways: a majestic royal blue print, a pink floral design, and an adorable green banana tree pattern. Standing at eight feet tall, with a 2.5 metre diameter, these gorgeous garden umbrellas are the perfect accessory to any patio or pool space. 

Visit them on Instagram, and check out what else they have to offer. 

2. Aranáz Home

Miss the idylls of beach living? Bring this feeling unto your homes with Aranáz Homes' new collection. These crabby paper napkin holders are an adorable touch to any dining table (and are available for pre-order on their website). Meanwhile, we're loving their casa piña butler tray, which is the perfect place to showcase everything from fruits to cocktail sets. Browse through the entire collection—which features weave-inspired drinking glasses and coral lamps—today! 

Visit them on their website, to see all you can shop. 

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3. Perla Manila

Pie Alvarez brings panache to our dining tables with Perla Manila. Offering clientele fantastic dinnerware—from plates to pitchers to trays and teatime essentials—Perla Manila adds zest to tabletops through colourful plates and fantastic placemats, each of which is bold yet complementary to the true tropical lifestyle. 

Visit them on Instagram, to see their entire funky collection. 

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4. Ottoman Collection

Ottomans, chairs, lounge sets, and accessories: you've get them all at Ottoman Collection. These inspired pieces come in various patterns and styles, all of which embody the colourful lifestyle we're best known for. To enjoy that tropical feel, check out their lounge sets, which are the perfect pieces to relax on by the beach. Another favourite? Their hand-carved leaves design, which showcases beautiful palm leaves on all four legs of the stool. 

Visit them on their website, and figure out what else you should be adding to cart.  

5. Kassa By Karen

Every item from Kassa By Karen reminds us of sunny days. Their holistic collection includes everything from tables to seating systems to lighting and home decor. They have fantastic accessories too, such as this ceramic seashell. Other popular items include their lighting products, some of which take on the romantic forms of tropical palm leaves and conifers, and animals too!

Visit them on their website, to view their tropical finds. 

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