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Rattan furniture adds an undeniable tropical flair unto any living space. Here's where you can find the best pieces to add to your home:

Timeless, elegant, and incredibly chic, rattan furniture has become ever-more popular amidst the pandemic. While many of us have been thirsting for the beach, some find solace in bringing the beach (and the tropics) to them!

To embody the carefree spirit of better days ahead, include rattan elements unto your busy city homes for added relaxation and a touch of the tropical. 

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Kawan Home

Find perfect patio furniture at Kawan Home. They have a fantastic array of abaca baskets that can serve as storage solutions, laundry hampers, or pot decor. Another fan favourite is their Yara bar cart, which serves to complement their Amani lounge chair. Perfect for a tropical cocktail facing the sunset! 

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Buklod Crafts

Buklod Crafts is particularly famous for its durable yet stylish woven baskets. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes and can be used in a variety of ways around the house. Their adorable Apple Hamper is a definite must-have. Buklod Crafts also offers rattan dinnerware that includes trays, placemats, rugs, and bowls. 

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Tahanan Furniture

Looking for interior design pieces that encapsulate modern-day tropical living? Check out Tahanan Furniture. Their home goods are designed with modern silhouettes, yet are made from traditional materials such as wood and rattan. The result: Filipino living at its most magnificent. Aside from tables, shelves, and chairs, the brand also carries furniture for children including the Rainbow Kitten Crib and a rattan playpen. 

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La Rosa Home

Handcrafted and meticulously curated, La Rosa Home is the quintessential Filipino home. They carry furniture made from local and natural materials that include not just rattan, but abaca, buri, and tikog as well. Check out their rattan wall decor and ladder display if you want to add a touch of summertime into your busy city life. 

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Casa Localle

Casa Localle often sells out right away, but if you're lucky enough to catch get a piece for yourself, you'll understand why. Not only do they carry chic (and functional) must-haves for your home, each of their pieces is versatile as well. They can be used as hampers, baskets, pots or planters.  

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Cosy Lyf

It is indeed a cosy life with Cosy Lyf. Because each item is handpicked and thrifted, you're sure to get a one-of-a-kind addition to your home when purchasing from them. We're particularly loving this rattan wine rack, though other exciting homeware items (such as chairs, tables, and screens) are available as well. 

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E&J Rattan

If you're looking for something fun, unique, and whimsical then look no further than at E&J Rattan. Each of their creations is a fantastic addition to any home and is unique from many other rattan makers or distributors. They even have a children's rocking horse made from rattan! We are, however, keeping our eyes on this stylish, floral Gwyneth chair that features a tri-leg base and master weaving craftsmanship. 

Another rattan specialist, ADR Rattan Industry specialises in innovative design made from local, natural materials. Their seating systems are particularly stylish—they have sofas, high chairs, stools, and chaise lounges made from woven rattan, all of which make great pieces to add to your living room, bedroom, or garden. 

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By The Form

Clean lines and sturdy silhouettes are what By The Form specialises in. Their furniture often comes across as classic takes on traditional pieces, but with added flair from wooden elements or rattan accents. 

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Philux Home

Philux Home has long experimented with textures and design. As one of the most successful homegrown furniture brands, it's no surprise that they themselves carry rattan products we love to have in our home. Check out their bright lime green stool with rattan accents or their cream and black mid-back chair. 

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Silya Tropika

Perhaps you might have guessed that Silya Tropika is best known for their stylish seating design; they have chairs, sofas, stools, and benches. Yet, they also find themselves a popular go-to for people looking for rattan headboards, baskets, bags, and even mirror accents. Perfect for anyone looking for some beach inspiration!

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Home At Manila

Weaves, patterns, and geometric shapes: these are what you can expect from pieces at Home At Manila. The brand uses traditional materials to create a modern, timeless design that any beach house, resort, or weekend getaway would be proud to put on display.