Think you've got a green thumb? Or perhaps you consider yourself a verdure connoisseur? See if you've got what it takes to be the next plantita or plantito with these online stores!

Decorative plants have become all the rage. With many stuck in quarantine (and likely missing the great outdoors), people have begun to see the beauty in tending to indoor greenery. While some may hesitate to jump onboard, many have become dedicated converts to the plant life, adopting a diverse array of flowers, succulents, ferns, and vines.

For those fearing a black thumb, relax! Plant care is all about knowing a few basics and making sure your adopted greens feel the love. Try it out today with these online plant stores all around the Metro! 

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1. Plants Manila

Plants Manila has been curating and styling indoor greenery since 2018. Their easy-to-use website allows clients to choose from a list of plants, pots, and products—not to mention the opportunity to book an hour-long walk-in appointment at their garden in Diliman. You can also choose to put yourself on their waitlist for sold-out products as many of them are very in-demand. 

2. Potisserie PH

A family business grown from passion amidst a pandemic, Potisserie PH is an all-around plant care shop that offers plants of different sizes and colours. Keep your eyes peeled for their rare offerings, which include two-toned philodendrons and rubber trees. Their Moana planter baskets (seen in the photo above) are also an eye-catching bestseller that will keep your new plants happy at home. 

3. Qach Lifestyle And Garden

Qach Lifestyle and Garden is quite well-established. They have multiple branches at Manila Bay, Alabang Town Centre, and Ayala Malls the 30th, all of which offer succulents and low-maintenance flora for the busy plantita (or plantito). Their accessories are also a huge hit with green thumbs. Offering everything from sleek plant stands to elegant planters, Qach Lifestyle and Garden is the place to be or buy from! 

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4. The Stalk Market

The Stalk Market is dedicated to the potted plant life. Offering a variety of pretty pot and plants — including pastel-coloured Anthuriums in pink, red, and purple—The Stalk Market has become a one-stop-shop for hassle-free, straightforward plant buying. 

5. Fern MNL

Fern MNL is full of curated plants that are perfect for your growing collection. They also offer pruning shears, stylish earth pots, and a variety of cacti that are sure to spice up your living space. 

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6. Spruce Plant Shop

Spruce Plant Shop can be found at Power Plant Mall but they're also taking orders through Instagram. Just slide right into their DM's to check out their collection of pots and plants that have famously gotten them featured on the Instagram accounts of Issa Pressman and Andi Manzano. 

7. Plants And Pots MNL

Looking for a splash of pink? Check out Plants and Pots MNL for a variety of pink-tinged leaves and pastel pots. They offer flowering plants alongside your typical indoor plants, plus a few organic tonics for leaf shine that's guaranteed to keep your new babies happy and healthy. 

8. Nest Plant Studio

Nest Plant Studio has been advocating plant care since 2017! Their expertise has led them to become a trusted source for old and new plant moms and dads. But while their wide array of offerings are a sure showstopper, it would be criminal to ignore the cutest thing on their floral menu: custom pots and stands. It's the perfect gift to give your budding green thumb friends. 

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9. Plantita MNL

Featuring a gorgeous array of indoor and outdoor plants, Plantita MNL is every plant mom and dad's dream. Not only do they offer your typical houseplants and succulents, but they also sell the occasional orchid or hibiscus flower. 

10. Pagbilan PH

People from the south can now order plants through Pagbilan PH. With delivery in Manila and Nuvali, this online plant shop has become a favourite to many. Their gorgeous greens are healthy and come in different forms, shapes, and colours. Their minimalist approach on Instagram photography puts nature at the forefront of their business—clean, simple, and hassle-free. 

11. Shop Leaf PH

Shop Leaf plants offer their customers a seamless experience by ordering through their website. With everything from air-purifying plants to grow your own herb garden selections, Shop Leaf has made becoming a plantita so much easier. Don't forget to check out their gift cards too if you're looking to shop for someone else!

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12. Plant Home PH

Plant Home PH offers customers an assortment of tabletop plants and tall plants. They also have rare floral finds (such as ebony rubber plants and five-foot burgundy rubber trees) that are sure to delight the verdure connoisseur!

13. Happy Plant

Greenery from Happy Plant are perfect for stylish spaces. Their Instagram grid is filled with interior design inspirations that take their cues from verdant offerings. Their super cool geometric watering cans are another great find that is the perfect accessory to every budding green thumb. 

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14. Adlaw PH

Grow your own garden with Adlaw PH's selection of plants! Not only do they have those cute succulents everyone's been going crazy for, but they also have herbs such as tarragon, mint, rosemary, and thyme that are perfect to cook with. Check them out today to start your own green thumb project.

15. Tierra Plants

Tierra plants create happy spaces. Their gorgeous greenery is the perfect way to decorate your home or office space. As part of their advocacy to promote greener urban spaces, Tierra is also available for events design and delivery. 

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