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Reed diffusers, candles and room sprays—here’s a guide to selecting your home fragrance

Spending so much time at home during the circuit breaker has no doubt turned our attention towards the comforts that we’re lacking in our nest—perhaps a vase of fresh flowers, a new set of linen, or some lighting pieces to brighten up the space. But before you embark on a design overhaul for good fengshui, why not start by giving your home an aromatic makeover?

Fragrances have a unique quality that we associate with feelings, memories, people and even spaces, so you can set up different olfactory experiences in each corner of your home—a cosy, woody scent for your living room, a powdery, rosy bouquet to set yourself up for a pampering spa day in the bathroom, or a soothing, lavender fragrance for a restful sleep in your bedroom. If you're having a bout of cabin fever, you can even opt for fragrances inspired by the sunny shores of Sicily, Italy, or a peaceful retreat in Bali. 

Here are some of the most popular types of home fragrances, and a selection of scents to transform your abode.

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1. Candles

One of the oldest methods to scent a room, candles are a hot favourite because they enhance the ambience of your space, on top of its long-lasting fragrance. They also come in different shapes and sizes for spaces, no matter how big or small. A flickering flame in a decorative vessel instantly elevates any room, creating a cosy space for rest and relaxation.

The downside to candles, however, is that it takes about an hour to diffuse the fragrance and requires some level of maintenance. Because wax has memory, new candles should be burned for two to three hours to ensure it melts evenly and doesn’t tunnel down. Candle wicks should also be re-centred and trimmed each time to avoid black smoke.

2. Reed diffusers

Reed diffusers have been gaining popularity over the past years for their fuss-free and low-maintenance ability to scent a room. No fire hazards or electricity needed—essential oils are simply absorbed by reeds and diffused into the air, and the only thing you’ll need to do is turn the reeds upside down once a week to keep the fragrance consistent.

Like candles, the scent from reed diffusers that about an hour to be released into the air, but it is long-lasting and subtle. This makes it ideal for more intimate spaces like bathrooms, powder rooms and bedrooms.

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3. Room sprays

A popular method for scenting a room, room sprays are perfect for a quick fragrance fix without the frills. It’s also great for any space because you can control the intensity of the scent. However, while it is effective for masking any odours immediately, it also dissipates quickly, so it is best accompanied with other home fragrances like candles or reed diffusers, which take a longer time to scent the space.

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