Gilberto Negrini, CEO of Kartell, holds forth on the merits of made-in-Italy furniture and furnishings at Lightcraft's new showroom on Jalan Sungai Besi. “Everybody has to know that Kartell is not just about making sales; it's a mentality," says the fast-speaking fellow.

When Versatility Transcends Space & Time

It is important to know that Kartell doesn’t just have one style; we have an umbrella of styles that enables you to use our products in any way. We collaborate with many important artists and obtain products that are truly unique. For example, Philippe Starck’s ideas are going to be completely different from Piero Lissoni’s. Pair that with Kartell's deep knowledge of materials; together, we create original, unique and exciting solutions.

Kartell, a pioneer in furniture and furnishings fashioned out of plastic, doesn’t just specialise in molds — they are experts in different lifestyles.

Kartell's goods can infiltrate any space — this is a very important trait of our production. Our products also have the ability to fit different contexts and tastes. For this reason, we appeal to consumers of all ages and varying latitudes.

And yet, Kartell has its own identity that is immediately recognisable, even after all these years (since 1949). This has allowed us to expand into different sectors without ever sacrificing the DNA of the brand.

How Kartell Is Adapting In An Era Where Plastic Is Villainised

Precisely on the occasion of the company's 70th anniversary, we launched the Kartell loves the planet manifesto which underlines the brand's commitment to sustainability. Kartell's commitment to implementing and improving environmental management systems more and more is guaranteed by adherence to international certification protocols, and in terms of health protection it boasts the GREENGUARD certification on all products, ensuring a low level of emissions and thus safeguarding the quality of the air inside. We are always looking for new materials that can respond to the characteristics and quality standards that have always characterized Kartell. Work on bioplastics is part of a wider innovation project.

The Kartell product is for us a timeless product, which is destined to occupy, at the end of its function, museum spaces and collectors' heritages. Our vocation is to create pieces that can help build culture, not objects that risk being abandoned if they are no longer used.


Tip For Collectors: Know Your Stuff & Have A Keen Eye

I like furniture. Design furniture, in particular. I have some pieces in my house, which include Kartell items of course, and have had the opportunity to visit stores and markets in different parts of the world during overseas trips. Some store owners don’t realise the importance of design from the past; I'll convince them to part with a particular piece without difficulty. So my house has become a museum for such pieces. If a piece of design from some 50 or 60 years ago didn’t sell well then but has a story to tell today, it's worth the investment.