Cover The RefreshButler laundry appliance from V-ZUG

It's the fashionista's best friend and a time-saving appliance for busy bees—Swiss manufacturer V-ZUG's RefreshButler appliance features a chemical-free process that cares for your favourite suits and dresses while saving you a trip to the dry-cleaner's

A busy work schedule often leaves little time for one's weekly errands, let alone the humdrum of daily household chores. But what if there's a way to simplify your weekly to-do-list, that includes caring for your delicate laundry? Enter RefreshButler, an innovative fabric care system from Swiss heritage brand V-ZUG.

Designed to resemble a compact closet with outer doors that come in black or chrome, this stylish appliance can be fully integrated into a wardrobe or bedroom.

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To clean your garments, hang them inside and select the "Refresh" function. The RefreshButler then removes moisture via a closed air loop and heat pump.

How it works

A fan blows hot air gently through the fabrics from above, which then flows back into the heat pump. This evaporates water from the garments and the moisture is collected in a condenser unit while the fabrics go through the drying process; the appliance also uses an energy-saving heat pump and drying process.

Chemical-free odour removal

The RefreshButler utilises a photocatalysis function to freshen clothing without the use of chemicals. The warm air that is pumped through the garments releases odour molecules that are eliminated through photocatalysis, which works when UV light is shone on steam to create molecules that help remove these odours.

The heat generated from the entire process kills 99.99 per cent of germs and bacteria—a finding that’s confirmed through independent testing institutes in Germany and Switzerland. 

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No more wrinkles

The clincher has to be the nifty anti-crease function that reduces creases and wrinkles effectively. This applies to fabrics ranging from cotton and polyester, to even linen and silk, as well as your winter coats in wool and other delicate materials. The fabric care system can be also used to clean and disinfect other items such as shoes and bags without cross-contamination, as well as laundry loads of up to 5kg.

A long-standing international brand with a slew of accolades accumulated over its 107-year history, V-ZUG produces only two RefreshButler appliances each day via a 12-hour assembly process for quality assurance.  

The appearance and mechanics of each of the hand-assembled machines are thoroughly and regularly checked by the company’s production team before being shipped from the brand's factory in Zug, Switzerland to V-ZUG stores around the globe.

To view the RefreshButler fabric care system, visit the V-ZUG Zugorama showroom at Scotts Square, or check out the V-ZUG website for more details. 

Watch this video to learn more about its functions: