Cover Tom Dixon's full collection of Swirl Vases (Photo: Courtesy of Tom Dixon)

Whimsy meets function in Tom Dixon’s “Swirl” collection of vases, candles and other post-modern accents

Textures, layers and stacked compositions are all design trends that we are fully on board with, and Tom Dixon’s “Swirl” collection—a visually striking series of multi-dimensional art sculptures that dual as functional objects—tickles our design brain in all the right ways. 
Inspired by the postmodern Italian art movement, Dixon’s radical “Swirl” family encompasses a range of items such as vases, candles, candleholders, tables and bookends, each with their own distinct personality, colourway and geometric form. 

Our favourite pick in this series is the Swirl Vase, which comes in three shapes and sizes: small, medium and stem. All three vases draw inspiration from ‘Ikebana’, a centuries-old form of Japanese flower arranging that commonly uses off-centre, minimal compositions to emphasise form, line and colour. Each vase features a cylindrical vessel anchored to a heavy base, providing an artistically zen, stacked silhouette whilst allowing one the versatility to incorporate as little or many floral elements as they’d like. 
The vibrant, pop sensibility of “Swirl” is a unique departure from the aesthetic that Dixon enthusiasts are probably more familiar with, and there is more to this story than what (initially) meets the eye. Each item within the collection is created from recycled marble residue, which is first broken down into a powder, then mixed with pigment and resin before it is sawn and moulded into its final form. This method beautifully extends the life cycle of materials by repurposing discarded scraps into something new, and serves as a stylish, sustainable solution to reduce waste produced in the design industry. 

With environmental awareness arguably at one of its highest points in history all around the world, it is unsurprising that the issue of sustainability and how we can minimise our carbon footprint is at the forefront of many consumers’ and creators’ minds alike. For Tom Dixon, it is no different. While some creators and designers turn to innovative, bioengineered materials as the solution, the brand has chosen to turn trash into treasure, breathing life back into the old. 
Perhaps this is the reason why, out of all the exquisite pieces within this collection, we are most drawn to the vases with their Ikebana-esque influences. After all, the Buddhist philosophy behind Ikebana suggests that its practice allows a deeper understanding and appreciation for the materials used, and ultimately creates a closer relationship to nature as a whole. Is there anything that more poignantly expresses this than a single flower elegantly stemming from a vase made of recycled scraps? A harmonious combination of bold and conscious design, the “Swirl” collection adds that right dose of fantasy to any room.

Pieces from Tom Dixon’s “Swirl” collection are currently on display at Tatler House, our VIP lifestyle venue located at The Upper House. Stay tuned for upcoming events at Tatler House.