Keep water from seeping into your kitchen cabinets with Aura Sink, a leak-proof basin designed by local countertop brand Aurastone

For avid cooks, it’s no surprise that moisture and humidity are some of the biggest woes when it comes to your kitchen cabinetry; and a leaking sink can cause much havoc in this culinary space.

A common cause of sink leakage is the silicone that’s used to seal the sink, which weakens when exposed to moisture. Over time, the silicone wears away, allowing liquid to reach and damage the cabinets.

Aurastone strives to put an end to this issue with the Aura sink. Founded by Ben Yong in 2016, the brand has manufactured an under-mount sink and clamp-based installation system that’s been thoughtfully designed to prevent water leakage from kitchen sinks.

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Designed and patented by the local brand, the Aura sink boasts a non-leak, under-mount design and is available in three sizes ranging from 51cm to 83cm in width.

This stainless steel sink features a 7mm-thick ridge that acts as a barrier that prevents water from collecting on the cabinetry. This groove is filled with silicone during the installation procedure before the countertop is placed over the ridge of the sink; a process that an Aurastone specialist will oversee.

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To create a water-tight seal, a unique clamping system tightly secures the sink to the countertop until the silicone dries completely. An insulative layer also minimises the sound caused by running water and to prevent condensation from collecting at the base.

The result: a leak-proof sink and an installation that’s fuss-free for homeowners. 

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