Cover Available at W. Atelier, the Santa & Cole Cestia lamp is among the brand's most popular lighting designs

Available exclusively at W. Atelier, Spanish brand Santa & Cole brings beauty and poetry into your home with their calming minimalist lighting designs; we highlight some of their cosiest designs here

The secret to creating a cosy ambience goes beyond picking the right furnishings; it’s about setting the mood with the right lighting conditions too. A beautiful lamp can also serve as an accent piece, while contributing to the cocooning atmosphere of a room.

Available exclusively in Singapore at W. Atelier, the lighting pieces from Spanish design brand Santa & Cole have been much admired by homeowners and designers alike. Describing itself as an “editor of design products”, the Barcelona-based firm adapts classic designs for modern life, resulting in an extensive catalogue that features the work of over eighty creators since its founding in 1985.

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The design brand works closely with industrial manufacturers in Spain as well as other countries including Japan, where specialty materials such as washi paper are used to produce the Tekiò lamp collection. Here, we pick out some of the lighting pieces we love from Santa & Cole:

1. Santa & Cole Lámina pendant lamps by Antoni Arola

Need an elegant way to complete the look of your minimalist dining room? This understated lighting collection should be among your top picks. The Santa & Cole Lámina pendant lamps by Antoni Arola features a sleek design comprising a curved metal sheet hovering above a metal bar and lighting element, resulting in a poetic form that looks right at home in a minimalist room.

Available at W. Atelier

2. Santa & Cole Tatu table lamp

Looking for a retro lighing piece with a more playful character? Turn to the Tatu table lamp, a beloved icon first designed in the 1972 by  André Ricard and re-released by Santa & Cole in 2018. Ricard took inspiration from the reading lights incorporated overhead on airplanes. Available in red or white, this lamp features LED lighting that can be dimmable, with the width of the lighting source adjustable to direct light to where it is needed. Comprising three sections that can each be rotated, the lamp is named after the Spanish word for armadillo, and can be adapted as a wall lamp with the fittings included.

Available at W. Atelier

3. Santa & Cole Dórica floor lamp by Jordi Miralbell and Mariona Raventós

For a design with a rustic touch, look to the Dórica floor lamp by Jordi Miralbell and Mariona Raventós from Santa & Cole. First created in 1994, the Dórica floor lamp comprises a pleated linen shade and a cylindrical metal base in a dark brown finish. Its simple form takes inspiration from the architectural columns typical of the Doric order of Greek architecture, which the lamp is also named after

Available at W. Atelier

4. Santa & Cole Cesta table lamp by Miguel Milá

Distinguished by its top handle and simple cherry wood frame, it’s easy to see why the charming Cesta table lamp by Miguel Milá has become a hot favourite from Santa & Cole; we’ve seen this charming lighting piece featured in stunning abodes in Europe and in Singapore. A chargeable wire-free version, as well as another edition clad in metal, along with an outdoor variant that turns it into a modern lantern to add a cosy touch to a balcony or outdoor terrace.

Available at W. Atelier

5. Santa & Cole Tekiò Horizontal pendant lamps by Anthony Dickens

Featuring lampshades crafted using handmade paper, the delicate and graceful Tekiò pendant lamps combine artisanal techniques with modern technology that enables the LED light bulbs incorporated to be dimmable, with controls for the intensity and colour temperature. The lamps can be arranged in vertical or horizontal configurations to suit the design of your room; its name Tekiò (the Japanese word for adaptation) reflects its versatile nature. 

Available at W. Atelier

6. Santa & Cole Maija lamps by Ilmari Tapiovaara

The work of Ilmari Tapiovaara, this lamp was first designed in 1955 to convey a design that captures the quality of light in cities close to the Baltic sea. Its elegant tower-like form is composed of stacked metal discs that filter the light source, creating a soft ambient glow that makes this lamp a cosy accent piece. Choose between the freestanding design that can be used on a desk or as a floor lamp, or a pendant version to add a gentle glow to your home.

Available at W. Atelier as a pendant light and as a floor lamp

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