No one took Leon Ghadavi-Gonzalez (aka The Singapore Tatler Nose) for his word, when he came into the office almost delirious, with a fantastical tale to tell. “You have to hear me out,” he says, while insisting that he hasn’t had a tipple too many. “This is what had happened …”

A serendipitous evening

“As Oscar Wilde would say, ‘a well-tied tie is the first serious step in life’, a sentiment that any arbiter of taste will agree with. But what’s a perfect knot without an impeccable base? I’ve already decided on the right tie for a  sartorially challenged friend—silk twill, with an understated yet playful archive print. It's no surprise that I find myself at the Hermès boutique at Liat Towers, in search of that gift. To my amazement, there is not a soul in sight. Surely there is no harm in having the maison all to myself, just for one night?”

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Cabinet of curiosities

“One of the first things I notice is an elegant leather-clad cabinet, almost begging to be opened. I discover a beautiful array of scarves within, which should be part of any dandy's style arsenal (myself included). Decked in myriad prints, I simply couldn’t resist trying on a few of these exquisite pieces—only to find them fluttering out in flight!”

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State of play

“Truly, a man with a mission is not one to be thwarted. But why not embrace that joie de vivre: I spot a skateboard clad in that distinctive ‘Cavalcadour’ print that brings back such fond memories of my boarding school days in London (a story best retold another time). Watch me ollie down these steps—surely I can still manage a kickflip too.”

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Tie, set, match 

“Alas, the tie section still continues to elude me. I venture forth to find something that comes quite close—the Tie-Set tea service featuring those inimitable prints. I sit myself at the table, and I’m almost ready to call it a day, safe for the fact that I’m still without that tie. But who was that appearing on the other side?” 

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Through the walls

“I’ll spot that exquisite Pippa chair anywhere. I have the very same foldable seat in my study, where upon I would muse and ruminate over my next project. Just as I was lost in my thoughts, I find myself slipping through the walls. The next thing I know, I’m back in my apartment, with the entire evening’s escapade so firmly etched in my mind. Could it have been just a dream?”

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The Through The Walls exhibition runs from 7-29 October at the Hermès Liat Towers flagship store.