We speak to Jeremy Tay of Prestige Global Designs to learn more about decor trends to watch and the key elements of a photogenic interior

From lofty penthouses to cosy pied-à-terres, Prestige Global Designs has deftly crafted beautiful interiors for the well-travelled in Singapore and beyond. With over a decade since its inception in 2008, the award-winning local firm has grown from strength to strength, sweeping accolades for their inimitable take on luxury interiors.

Founded by Michael Ong and Jeremy Tay, the firm’s creative drive is fuelled by the duo’s passion for design. “We are always very excited to discuss all things related to design,” shares Tay, design director of the firm. “Starting and growing a good design studio is not an easy task; it requires a great amount of time, effort and creative energy. We understand this and are prepared to embark on a continuous journey that makes work more meaningful.”

Here, he discusses the decor trends to watch and the key components of a well-designed interior:

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Could you describe the firm’s design philosophy?
Jeremy Tay (JT) We believe that good design should be easy to maintain and yet still look pleasing to the eye. Our aim is to design something specially made for our clients while expressing our creativity. We inject luxury and elegance to the interiors we design and we seek to exceed the expectations of our clients who are accustomed to the finest that life has to offer. Of course, craftsmanship and attention to detail are as important.

We do not believe in having a signature style. To us, the most important consideration is our clients. When we design an interior, we want the home to reflect our clients’ personalities and cater to their needs, so we spend a lot of time getting to know each homeowner. If there is a style we have not done it before, we will be very excited to take up the challenge to interpret the style in a different way.

We do not believe in having a signature style. To us, the most important consideration is our clients

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How do you create an Instagram-worthy space?
JT Besides being involved in designing an interior, I have also been involved in styling our clients’ homes and worked with interior photographers over the years. This has really allowed me to see not only the view of a designer and a decorator but also as a photographer.

Recently, we do have more clients coming to us to create Instagram-worthy spaces. We love to do lots of layering in an interior to make it more alive and multi-dimensional. We believe in selecting the right decorative accessories to accentuate the space. With the right lighting, these spaces will be able to create Instagram-worthy shots.

You can also create a focal point in an area with a wall feature, a unique piece of furniture, a quirky standing lamp or an artwork. We can distinguish this focal point from the rest of the elements using colours, textures or prints or even sometimes an unorthodox arrangement of furniture.

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What are some common design details that homeowners tend to miss out?
JT Hallways and staircase landings have often been left out. However, we do have clients who give attention to details such as the type of piping used on the accent cushions, the frames selected for artworks and trimmings on a table or a floor lamp. Whenever we can, we will always provide suggestions to clients on how to improve their space.

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What are the top three design trends to watch for 2019? Could you elaborate on these?
JT One of the growing trend is the need for interior to connect with nature. The use of natural materials and plants can connect the exterior area with the interior, making these spaces soothing and calm.

Colours such as blue and green are becoming more prevalent in many interiors. Homeowners are now more receptive towards brighter colours rather than neutral tones. Light colours such as coral, pink and aquamarine have been used to create elegant interiors, which will instantly refresh a tired-looking space.

A good mix of metallic accents will always be a timeless and tasteful approach to create luxurious interior; for example, you can mix bronze detailing with silver accents.

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Could you tell us more about your recent projects?
JT We have recently completed several projects, including a condominium unit, a landed project and a medical spa. Currently, we are working on some landed projects and penthouses. Among these projects, we have a very supportive client that has engaged us several years long before the property is built, to merge two penthouses into one. So 2019 will be an exciting year for us.

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