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Create the perfect dressing room that will inspire you to put your best face forward

Dressing up is one of the most personal of rituals and a well-designed setting can make this daily routine become a delightful experience. With more importance being placed on the wardrobe area, the design and look of this functional space should not be overlooked so that it fits cohesively with the rest of your interior scheme.

“Increasingly, we are designing wardrobe rooms as extensions of master suites,” observes Nikki Hunt, founder and principal of Design Intervention. “They are certainly not regarded as lesser spaces, and the attention to detail continues.”
Whether you’re creating a walk-in wardrobe or designing a vanity and wardrobe area within your bedroom, it’s important to get all the details right to create a space that’s fully tailored to your needs and habits. Here are our picks of everything you’ll need, for a chic and well-organised wardrobe.

1. Customise and compartmentalise

When it comes to wardrobe spaces, layout and functionality are paramount, and personalisation matters. Customise your dressing space to fit your needs perfectly; such as shelving made specially to showcase specific items such as bags or scarves, particularly if you have an extensive collection.

Kelvin and Karen Gan, co-founders of KGID, recommend the shelves to be adjustable, and to include in the cabinetry a safe for your most treasured pieces and documents. 

2. Lighting matters

Most importantly, don’t forget the electricals. “Install electrical points in the cabinetry, to allow for use of a dehumidifier rod, safe, watch winder and other essentials,” share Kelvin and Karen Gan, co-founders of KGID.

If there’s no natural light in your wardrobe, use a cooler temperature for your lights, as it helps accurately gauge the colours of your clothes. You should also decide which items to highlight with lighting, such as limited edition pieces or collector items to show in their best light.

3. Integrate your wardrobe area into the ensuite bathroom

Create a hotel-style wardrobe area—take style cues from this glamorous bathroom in a penthouse project (pictured above) by Designworx Interior Consultant; it was inspired by the luxurious look and feel of presidential hotel suites. If space is not a constraint, design the wardrobe with sliding panels for convenient access from both the bathroom and the dressing area. 

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4. Minimise moisture in your wardrobe

Care for your favourite fashion finds—design director Terri Tan advises installing electric dehumidifiers in every section of the wardrobe. “Installing a strong exhaust fan in the space is also highly recommended,” adds Tan. She also suggests using full-height frameless glass panels to segregate the bathroom from the dressing area, to allow a visual connection without exposing too much of the wardrobe to the bathroom humidity. 

5. Personalise the space

After you’ve selected and customised your wardrobe system and vanity area, here’s where the fun starts. Furnish this space with decorative elements and pieces that you love, to turn your dressing area into a truly personalised zone.

Don’t be afraid to play with patterns and textures to bring this space to life. Introduce a beautiful decorative screen, add on accessories and rugs in bold patterns, or create a statement wall with a wallcovering in a distinctive print.

“One of our favourite ways to bring life and interest to the wardrobe space is either through a bold floor or ceiling design, since the walls are generally covered in cabinetry,” shares Nikki Hunt of Design Intervention. “For example, a custom rug or wallpaper on the ceiling can transform these utilitarian spaces.”

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This story was originally published in Singapore Tatler Homes Dec 2018-January 2019

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