All that glitters is gold (foil) at the Capitol Piazza boutique

Director of food manufacturer Singapore Food Delight and Singapore Tatler friend Susanna Kang has a new venture under her belt, and that is an artisanal boutique dedicated to the beauty of gold.

Opened together with celebrity make-up artist Dily Wang, Takumi Artisans is an exclusive retailer of renowned Japanese gold leaf producer Hakuza, offering all things plated in gold—from homeware to cosmetic and even edible gold leaves. The atelier also serves a delicious gold foil ice cream.

“Dily and I have been friends for a very long time. We love Japan for its culture and their demand for the highest quality in anything they produce,” Susanna shared.

“We have been buying from Hakuza and with our confidence in the products—we think it’s the best—we decided to share our secret discovery.”

Based in Kanazawa, which produces 99 per cent of Japan’s best quality gold leaf, Hakuza is steeped in the history and traditional art of gold leaf (kinpaku), with its unique patented “pure gold platinum leaf”.

Using a machine, gold is compressed and hammered between a specially made pile of beating papers to a thinness of 1/10,000mm.

Takumi Artisans is the first boutique out of Japan to offer its handcrafted range of gold leaf plated products.

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Above Inside Takumi Artisans

“Everyone loves gold because it is precious. Its beauty and value are never quite understated. The reason we are bringing gold leaf products to the market is that it is very niche and takes very skilled craftsmen with the creativity and technical know-how to produce the gold foil as well as craft products using it,” Susanna said.

“We share a dream to have a dedicated store for one to come and understand the art of kinpaku. This cannot be appreciated via online shopping.”

Currently, Takumi Artisans offers a carefully curated range of Hakuza products, which Susanna shared with us are selected based on uniqueness, value, and popularity amongst Japanese and Singaporean buyers, with plans to eventually collaborate on a product line that is exclusive to Singapore.

“We are also excited to bring in, at a later date, Japanese craftsmen to conduct workshops on simple gold foiling on chopsticks, jewellery, and other homeware items so everyone can have their very own work of art.”

15 Stamford Road, L1-81 Capitol Singapore | 8891 3886

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