Cover Island Living by Cocoon banana leaf palm headboard, from Island Living

Embrace the tactile beauty of rattan with decorative pieces and furniture collections that celebrate its tropical roots

Rattan furniture is having a hot moment in home decor. Whilst it was once commonly associated with outdoor furniture, the stylish tactile material has been increasingly favoured indoors. Durable and versatile, rattan adds a breezy, laidback charm to your home’s interiors. Bring the beauty of natural materials to your home space with these rattan pieces, below.

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1. Cane-line Sense sofa

Available at Danish Design Co

2. Suvarnabumi rattan dining table

3. Yamakawa Relation sofa by Hiroomi Tahara

Available at Industry+

4. Hazy decorative lamp by Serife Altan

5. Tokyo Tribal armchair by Nendo

Available at Industry+

6. Island Living by Cocoon banana leaf palm headboard

7. Sola mirror by Kam Ce Kam

Available at The Artling

8. Angan shelf by Alvin T.

9. Tkani O series chair by Fraction

10. Cane-Line Nest footstool

Available at Danish Design Co

11. Island Living Malawi Rattan Chairs

12. Flores sofa

Available at The Jungle Emporium

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