We invited three local interior designers to integrate homegrown brand Spin's signature ceiling fans into their decor

By setting out to redefine the design of ceiling fans almost a decade ago, home-grown brand Spin is now known for the sleek design and optimal wind delivery of its fans. Thanks to their state-of-the-art technical properties and streamlined aesthetic, these premium ceiling fans by Spin have been spotted in a variety of luxury residential projects in Singapore.

Its key collection is the Signature series, which features three sleek fan blades in three finishes: matte black , pearl white and a walnut grain veneer.  The local firm also marked a new milestone this year with the launch of the Onix series made for larger homes, which feature nine air foils that reach up to 84 inches.

Creative thread

In this award-winning semi-detached home, Renaissance Planners & Designers were inspired by Cubism, the 20th-century art movement. Stacks of cubes, geometric angles, and linear details formed the core elements of this home.

For this project, the design firm picked a matte black fan from the Signature series. “We felt a connection with Spin’s approach towards providing a premium quality product without compromising on its design aesthetics,” shares Kelvin Bing, founder of the design firm.

The firm is known for its modern approach to architecture and interiors and this project is no exception. The streamlined form of the fan’s unclad airfoil attachment design allows it to complement the streamlined scheme of the bedroom, which comprises wooden furnishings and monochromatic tones.

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Kelvin Bing, design director of Renaissance Planners & Designers
Above Kelvin Bing, design director of Renaissance Planners & Designers

“We selected this particular Spin fan as it not only complements the room’s subdued colour palette; it also enhances the room’s minimalist concept to provide a gentle cocoon-like atmosphere for relaxation,” shares Bing. “The minimalist form of the fan complements the clean lines of the floating platform bed and suspended TV console, adding a sense of lightness.”

Having incorporated Spin fans in a number of projects, Bing expresses his confidence in the brand to support designers and homeowners through the whole purchase cycle. “Purchasing from local brand comes with an added sense of assurance and confidence in the quality and service that local brands are able to provide,” he says. “With local brands like Spin, we are positive of their ability to not only provide quality products suited for the local climate but also their efficient after-sales support.”

Simply a breeze

Interior design firm KGID has been returning to Spin for their projects since 2012, and with good reason. “The feedback from our clients has been good,” remarks Kelvin and Karen Gan, the dynamic husband-and-wife duo behind KGID.

When they had first discovered the brand in 2012, they were impressed by fan’s contemporary design. “At that time, Spin fans were only available in 52 inch-wide models, which was more suitable for bedrooms than for living areas,” they remark. Naturally, the pair was delighted when Spin started producing fans in 43 and 60 inches in recent years, enabling them to integrate these fans into a wider spectrum of spaces, including larger living areas and bedrooms.

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From form to function, Spin fans are a winning choice from every angle. Take for instance, a recent apartment designed by KGID—Kevin remarks that the owner was won over by the fan’s dual rotation function which allows air to be circulated indirectly. Notably, the brand’s constant research and development has allowed it to improve its ultra dynamic direct current (DC) motor, reducing its carbon footprint with energy saving capabilities as well as achieving close to zero humming noise while in use.

In another project by KGID, the Spin fan holds its own in a large modern kitchen. “We love the fan’s timeless design and matte black finish which suited our design concept,” says Kelvin. 

Natural harmony

Inspired by the apartment’s lush views of the reservoir and surrounding greenery, the owners wanted a home where they could bask in the tranquil beauty of nature. With the condominium’s existing floor-to-ceiling windows, there’s ample opportunity to design a home that could fully embrace the outdoors. “Our design intention was to create a monochromatic, timeless colour palette that would bring the outdoors into the indoors,” explains Elsie Chin, principal interior designer of HYID.

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Kelvin and Karen Gan of KGID
Above Kelvin and Karen Gan of KGID

She looked to Spin’s Signature series—a collection of fans that offer an “N” mode function that simulates a natural breeze by the sea. To enhance the home’s tranquil mood, Chin selected the Savannah model which comes in an impeccable walnut grain veneer finish.  “The fan’s walnut hue complements the overall colour palette of the home we had envisioned,” enthuses Chin. “While a conventional fan would have looked jarring, the fan’s modern form sits well in the interior and completes the look.”

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Elsie Chin and her husband David How, co-founders of HYID
Above Elsie Chin and her husband David How, co-founders of HYID

For the owners whose apartment showcases their growing collection of art, selecting a Spin fan was an intuitive choice. “The owner was instantly won over by the fan’s sleek and timeless look,” shares Chin. “Spin fans fulfill both form and function. Its aesthetic appeals to me as a designer, whether is for residential, restaurant or commercial spaces.” 

Spin, 1 Tampines North Drive 1, #04-15 T-Space, Tel: 6298 1038, spinfans.com.sg

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