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From sofa beds with real mattresses to extendable tables with multiple functions, these versatile collections from Spaceman can help to create more space at home for both relaxation and work

The drawback of being a city dweller was never more apparent to Matthew Levin than when he moved to Singapore from London. As an acclimatising resident, he found that homes were not only small here, there was also a lack of furniture stores that offered varied and personalised solutions that would help maximise one’s living spaces.  

Levin decided to pioneer the concept of integrating furniture with space-saving solutions in Singapore and in 2011, he launched Spaceman. It’s a bold move that has reaped its rewards over the years, as the furniture specialist has grown a reputation for producing cleverly-designed products.

“We have the widest range of space saving products in Southeast Asia. Our Murphy beds are more popular than ever as people are now focusing on maximising spaces in their homes. We also are very well-known for our sofa beds, as they are handmade Italian sofas that feature the sleep quality of a real mattress,” says Levin. 

He adds: “Our focus on quality is why we are the preferred choice for hotels and universities, as Spaceman produces the only wall beds without a visible mechanism, resulting in an aesthetically-pleasing design.”

Indeed, Spaceman products are made in Italy and with offerings spanning over 100 finishes for dining tables to highly customisable designs for their sofas, wall beds and children’s beds, customers can choose to have their furniture tailor-made to their specifications. 

To find out more about the brand’s signature products, we spoke to Levin on the design process, its unique services and Spaceman’s exciting new collection of children’s furniture.

What are the design considerations taken when producing a space-saving product?

Matthew Levin (ML) One priority is the ease of use. Spaceman products are designed to be quick and convenient, switching from a desk to a bed, such as the Slumberdesk, or from a sofa to a bed, like the Slumbersofa Highback, in a matter of seconds. 

You also don’t need to compromise on style to have space-saving products. For example, our dining tables have some amazing engineering concealed inside but are still available in stunning finishes.

Of course, quality is of huge importance. We make our products in Europe and so they comply with stringent European standards. For instance, the materials for our children's beds not only exceed the most stringent worldwide emissions standards and numerous safety features, they are also made with non-toxic paints with built-in silver protection that kills bacteria.

Lastly, our products should be portable—everything we make can be moved, unlike the usual built-in carpentry which is permanently attached to the wall.

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Please tell us more about your latest collections.

ML For nearly 10 years, we have been known for our wall beds, multi-functional tables and sofa beds. However, we’ve recently added a dedicated range of bedroom furniture for kids and teens.

As children get older, they require furniture with more storage and desk allowance, adult-sized beds, and products that would create spaces for sleepovers. To meet their needs, we have added a bedroom design service for children that features our speciality in maximising space.

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What are some products that are ideal for a conducive home office?

ML A lot of people—including our own staff—have shared their challenges with this arrangement. One example is a bedroom that doesn’t have a lot of space for a desk. It’s also not ideal to have your work desk as the last thing that you see before you go to sleep.

So design your space with flexibility in mind. The reduction in space of shrinking homes means each area needs to work harder by offering more than one use. Obviously, this is best done using multi-functional furniture.

Take, for instance, the Slumberdesk, which combines a bed with a desk. The bed goes under the desk and is hidden from sight when not in use. This means your bedroom or a guest room can be easily converted into a comfortable and spacious study.

We also have an extensive range of home office solutions, which enables you to have a desk and storage that can be concealed in the bedroom or living room.

Has the Covid-19 pandemic changed the way customers can consult with Spaceman?

ML We have always offered a very personal appointment-based service that allows our consultant to fully understand our clients’ needs in order to recommend bespoke solutions. We have also introduced live video consultations so our customers can discuss their requirements and view our products from the comfort of their own homes.

Spaceman is located at 259 Lavender Street, Tel: 6527 2271 and is open for appointment-only visits.