Cover Smart devices that are compatible with Google Assistant can be used to conveniently control your home remotely

Looking to create a smart home? The Google Assistant can be paired with a plethora of smart lighting, door locks, and even kitchen appliances

After spending over a year cooped up in our abodes, smart home devices have shown their prowess when it comes to lending convenience to our daily lives.

With the Google Assistant, an artificial intelligence (AI) virtual assistant that offers voice-controlled device control, the tech giant Google has created an extremely dynamic software that is not only compatible with its own devices such as Google Home and Google Nest, but also plenty of other devices by external parties.

If you’re looking to make life a little easier by outfitting your home with smart devices that you can control with your voice, we’ve listed a range of devices compatible with the Google Assistant below. From your door lock to your lighting system, these futuristic appliances will add an advanced state-of-the-art boost to your abode.

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1. Google Nest Hub

Having a smart hub allows you to centralise the management of all your smart home devices. The central hub connects your different range of products effortlessly, and you can even personalise the hub according to your lifestyle. For example, if you say “good morning”, your smart hub could automatically turn on your lights, play music, and display your upcoming events for the day.

Google’s very own Nest Hub has a 7-inch compact display screen that allows you to watch videos, view photos, or check your reminders and calendars at a glance. The sleek device also allows you to control other compatible devices so you can seamlessly customise your morning and evening routines such as setting alarms, dimming lights, or even turning off the television and speakers.

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2. Samsung QLED 4K Smart TV

Elevate your television viewing experience with Google Assistant. Samsung’s new QLED smart TV features quantum matrix technology that delivers high-quality resolution and rich colours. The smart device is also able to pair quickly and seamlessly with Google Assistant. Change channels, adjust the volume, search for queries and more with just your voice.

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3. Philips Hue smart light bulbs

Transform your home into a colourful sanctuary with the Hue light bulbs from electrical giant Philips. The bulbs are available in three colour ranges: white, which provides warm white lighting; white ambiance, which provides both cool and warm lighting; and white and colour ambiance, which offers 16 million colour options on top of the dimmable shades of white light. With the spectacular range of colour varieties available, you can instantly change the atmosphere of any room.

When paired with Google Assistant, you can control the lights with voice commands. Choose to turn off multiple lights at one go, or control just a single lamp. When paired with Hue Bridge, Philips’ smart device controller, you could control the lights remotely or even program them to turn on automatically the instant you step foot into your home.

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4. TP-Link KP115 Kasa smart plug

Simply insert smart plugs into your power outlets, and you’ll be able to seamlessly control your home appliances through an application on your smartphone. For plugs compatible with Google Assistant, such as the Kasa smart plug from TP-Link, you’ll be able to control your electrical devices with voice commands.

The smart plug can be set to turn appliances on and off through a timer, and prevents your devices from overheating by shutting them off immediately after usage. You can remotely control the connected devices, and even analyse their real-time and historical power usage to monitor the energy used.

5. August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Lock and unlock your front door remotely with a smart lock. Integrated with WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities, a smart lock allows you to conveniently control access to your home without the need for physical keys. With the sleek device from home tech brand August, you can grant remote access to guests, unlock your door hands-free with your voice, and track any activity if someone enters your home without your permission.

Control the smart lock with your voice by pairing it with Google Assistant, which will enable you to lock or unlock your door easily. If you have a Google Home or Android device, the smart lock also alerts you with notifications if it senses activity or if your door is left ajar or unlocked.

6. Gaggenau 400 Series oven

Make cooking a fun and enjoyable experience with Gaggenau’s 400 series oven. The high-end kitchen appliance comes equipped with an automatic door opening, 13 different heating methods, and a pyrolytic system that will dramatically decrease your oven cleaning time.

The Gaggenau 400 series also comes equipped with Home Connect, which is compatible with Google Assistant. If you have any sudden emergencies and need to step away from the kitchen, the smart feature allows you to conveniently adjust the cooking time remotely. It also offers a wide range of cooking recipes, which you can then send straight to the oven. Once received, the appliance will automatically toggle the heating settings in accordance to the recipe.

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7. Arlo Pro 2

A Google Assistant-compatible security camera can really help tighten your home’s security and ensure safety. Arlo’s Pro 2 smart camera records crisp videos in high resolution and detail, so you can obtain clear footage (and evidence) if ever needed. The camera allows you to highlight specific zones within your home, and the camera will promptly notify you of any unusual activity or motion within those areas.

The weather-resistant camera can be used wirelessly to allow total flexibility when placing it in your home or can be plugged in to unlock advanced features. It also comes with a two-way audio feature that allows you to listen in and talk back through the device.

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