Cover Silk sheets are not only breathable, but also boast beauty benefits (Image: Courtesy of Naked Lab)

Sweet dreams are made of these—luxurious silk bedding sheets that are not only cooling and conducive to sleep, but also beneficial for your hair and skin

Silk bedding sheets are a treat. Lightweight and breathable, the material is perfect for keeping you cool and comfortable at night. Silk is also one of the strongest natural fibres in existence—the durable fabric can last for many years if it's cared for properly. 

Besides their luxe factor, silk sheets have also got great beauty benefits, too. The smooth material has a frictionless surface, which causes less static and prevents your locks from getting tangled up at night. Compared to traditional cotton, the smooth surface of silk pillowcases also reduces the chances of having morning creases on your face, which in turn reduces lifetime wrinkles.

Another benefit of silk in the beauty sphere—the fabric absorbs less moisture, unlike most other sheets. By not drawing moisture away from your skin, your hair and skin can better retain the benefits of your go-to serums for an extra bit of overnight hydration. Silk fibres also contain inherent antibacterial properties; this natural hypoallergenic quality can help to help prevent lesser bacterial build-up and keep your sheets more hygienic. 

Looking to invest in a high-quality silk bedding set? Below, we’ve gathered a selection of silk bedding brands in Singapore and Hong Kong that will add a touch of luminous luxury to your bedroom.

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1. Silky Miracle

London-based luxury bespoke home and lifestyle brand Silky Miracle has recently landed on our shores with their first retail boutique in Dempsey Singapore. Exuding elegance and a clear sense of modern opulence, the brand’s key attributes lie in its dedication to its quality and craft. Designed by in-house artisans, Silky Miracle’s one-of-a-kind home collections are handcrafted by expert craftsmen to ensure the perfect consistency of all raw silk lengths. The brand’s silk offerings are made from 100 per cent 6A-level top-quality raw silk, which results in a lustrous fabric that is pliable, gentle and durable.

Silky Miracle is available in Singapore at 13 Dempsey Road, #01-03, Tel: 6908 3341;

2. Sova Silk

Homegrown label Sova Silk was launched last year during Singapore’s Circuit Breaker period in an effort to help emphasise the need for self-care and beauty sleep. At the brand’s core is its pure mulberry silk products, produced from silkworms of the Bombyx Mori moth that are only fed mulberry leaves. The silk fabric used to craft Sova Silk’s products feature a thickness of 22 momme, in order to provide a balanced combination of shine, softness and durability.

The brand also works with partners who farm ethically and sustainably, whether it’s those who are growing the mulberry trees or the experts who are rearing silkworms. In addition, Sova Silk also reduces and recycles any excess raw materials by reusing them as part of their product packaging.

3. White Trousseau

Another homegrown brand that deserves a spot on your radar, White Trousseau’s silk creations are crafted from the highest grade mulberry silk. Founded by celebrity stylist Neo Lirong, the brand offers buttery smooth pillowcases and eye masks that are designed to protect and hydrate your skin and hair. Made sustainably and ethically, the silk products are all Oeko-Tex certified and made with non-toxic and chemical-free dyes. The brand also offers embroidery services, allowing you to customise your bedding with your name or initials. 

4. Lily Silk

With over a decade’s expertise in silk-making, designing, and manufacturing, Lily Silk stands out from the crowd with its premium products. The luxury brand uses silk made from natural fibres that are degradable and take one to five years to decompose, a rate in which is 50 times father than synthetic materials. Besides the classic mulberry silk options, the brand also offers a unique silk range Lilyaurea, which features naturally gold silk generated from undyed golden cocoons, said to cater to users with very sensitive skin. 

5. Naked Lab

Since its founding in 2018, Hong Kong-based organic bedding brand Naked Lab has quickly gained a reputation for its high-quality products. The brand’s unique edge lies in its eco-friendly and sustainable bedding that are luxurious and stylish. Their stellar bestseller is the bamboo silk bedding collection, which is made from organic and sustainably sourced bamboo and certified to be free from any harmful chemicals. The lightweight, vegan-friendly material offers a silky and breathable sensation on your skin, so you can wake up feeling rested and refreshed.

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