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Haven't put up your tree yet? It's not too late. Join in the festivities with these Christmas tree ideas we love!

Ah, the Yule tree, one of Christmas' greatest traditions. This holiday staple has become a symbol for many things throughout the centuries, and its history is just as rich. This year, decorating the tree has become even more important, especially as people bunker down at home and look for ways to find meaning amidst the pandemic.

Today, we're sharing some ideas for those of you who have yet to take your trees out of storage (or buy one!). Try some of 2020's hottest trends this holiday season with these tree decorating tips. 

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Classic Blue

People may be looking forward to 2021, but as of December, we're still in the year 2020. Make the most out of it and celebrate with this year's Pantone colour—classic blue. Even at the start of the year, classic blue had been making its way into the home décor of some of our favourite designers; now, using it as a mainstay in your holiday decorations seems like a no brainer.

The best part? Its versatility offers you a chance to mix and match with other complementary colours such as white, silver, gold, and platinum shades. Try adding some cerulean baubles or tinsel to your tree trimmings—otherwise, cool blue lights are an easy answer for a cool Christmas. 


Rustic Farmhouse

The rustic Christmas tree has become a popular choice over the years. This holiday season, give it a little twist with plaid or tartan accessories, bright red berry décor, and natural woods or flora (such as pinecones). A huge trend which you can also incorporate is dried flowers, which is the perfect accent for this themed tree. Metals (such as bells) are also very complimentary, so if you want to sneak some in there, go right ahead!

But don't forget the most important part of the farmhouse which are, of course, your animal friends! Cosy décor can include birds or reindeer baubles that hang beautifully down your tree. 


A pastel coloured tree is what dreams are made of. Even in fashion, pastels have been among the most popular colour combinations—and for good reason. It's easy to pair and very cheerful to look at, something we all need right now. The colour palette's versatility translates well on arbours as well, as proven by all the lightly tinted Christmas décor that have popped up in our favourite shops. Celebrate your holidays with this sweet-coloured theme as well. 

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A neutral tree may not sound like the most festive—but its minimalist colours will add a touch of elegance to your living space. Not only that but because the crisp colours of a neutral palette are so easy to use, you're sure to save yourself from the headache of clashing colours or garish designs. This is perfect for areas that have an eclectic mix of furniture or rooms with bright wall colours or wallpaper. 

Winter Wonderland

It's always been a dream to experience winter. While most of us may not get to have a white Christmas this year (due to travel restrictions), you can still set the atmosphere just right with a winter wonderland themed tree. Snow-dusted boughs are the way to go! While that's pretty much the only pre-requisite for "winter", it'd also be a great idea to decorate in metallic shades of silver and gold.

For a more traditional look, pair your tree with classic red ornaments and a gold star on top. The green, white, gold and red palette will surely make for a festive holiday feel. 

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While flower power is often a springtime theme, we aren't opposed to celebrating Christmas with it in mind. The key is to be creative! You don't have to stick to traditional poinsettias and mistletoe. Find exciting baubles that represent your favourite florals: roses, sunflowers, orchids. There's no right or wrong way to do it. Consider getting dried flowers to add a touch of rustic feel to it as well. Sprigs of lavender or stalks of wheat are always a wonderful aesthetic to add. 


Have a lot of decors but unsure how to style it? Go for something classic yet unique: a rainbow design! It's colourful without being unorganised, making it a great idea for those who are unsure about how to decorate. Plus, the colourful baubles can always be used to redecorate with another theme in mind for next year. 

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