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Get design inspiration for creating a cosy living room that still connects to the rest of the open-plan space

The global pandemic has forced us to rethink the way we use various spaces at home. The living room, in particular, is one of the busiest hubs. It’s no longer just a space for lounging and unwinding, but also potentially an area used for working, learning and exercising; or the spot where you're doing your Zoom calls

Serving multiple key functions requires a mix of flexible furniture and design finesse. Segmenting an open-plan living room into different zones can also help create purpose without disrupting the flow between the connected spaces.

Below, we highlight some inspirational open-plan living areas to help maximise your interior spaces. With some clever decorating, the multifunctional area will definitely bring joy to you and your family. 

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1. A minimalist concept

This stunning living room designed by Prestige Global Designs embraces a stylish black-and-white scheme that was requested by the homeowners. With a combination of materials that include granite, leather, and varieties of black and grey marble, the team elevated the neutral palette and added depth to the space. 

The connected living and dining areas are positioned in a manner that allows for conversation to easily flow between both spaces. The living room boasts a feature wall crafted from black Nero Marquina marble that’s reflective. The dining area, on the other hand, features a statement pendant light piece accompanied by mirrored ceiling panels that intensifies the sense of space and creates a distinction between the two spaces. 

With its innovative design and luxurious ambience, this glamorous living room won the Best Living Room (Reader’s Choice) accolade at the Tatler Design Awards 2021

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2. An open-plan space in a refurbished shophouse

Section off the living area in an open place with strategic furniture placement and accent pieces. Housed in a refreshed Peranakan shophouse, this open-plan space was created to allow natural light and ventilation to pour in. Designed by Cube Associate Design, the open living room emits an intimate vibe with the careful placement of furniture. 

The position of the lounge sofa marks the transition between the living and dining spaces. Grouped together with a matching sofa set and a snug armchair, the close seating arrangement creates an intimate setting within the large open space. The Bocci lights add pops of colour to the space, while the glass doors that open out to the courtyard, providing a seamless connection to the outdoors.

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3. A sunken living room

Create distinct areas in an open-floor plan with a sunken living room. Besides forging a clear sense of separation within an open-plan living space, the architectural feature also creates a cosy ambience within the room. 

Designed by Echlin, this London house features a recessed living area that separates it from the kitchen and dining space. The stone flooring is kept consistent throughout the entire space, but the sunken living area is delineated with steps. This creates a welcoming communal space that the family can lounge, relax, or entertain in. The placement of the bespoke corner sofa further disconnects both areas visually.

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4. A modern family zone

Interior design firm Luxur created a cosy and family-friendly living room that reads as a cohesive whole with the dining and kitchen area. Formerly a two-storey terrace house, the house is now a three-storey structure. 

To allow for an abundance of natural light, the team suggested an open-plan design for the ground floor area. The result are bright and airy spaces with a seamless transition from the living room to the rest of the areas on the ground floor. A patterned feature wall forms the focal point in the living space, capturing the eye and anchoring the space, whilst the alfresco-style dining area can be distinguished by a striking and prolific vertical garden. 

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5. A glamorous space connected to a home bar

Designed by Summerhaus D’zign, this luxurious semi-detached house features an open-plan living space that is sleekly connected to the home bar and dining area. The earthy colour scheme and a diverse material palette consisting of travertine, wood and quartz ties both spaces together, while a plush rug under the coffee table subtly separates the two areas. The result is a social space that is perfect for both lounging or gathering with close friends. 

With its glamorous interior, the home clinched the Best Luxury Concept (Reader’s Choice) award at the Tatler Design Awards 2021.

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