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Need an interior refresh after spending so much time in your home office? Take cues from these dazzling offices seen in top Korean dramas The Devil Judge, Vincenzo, Crash Landing on You and Mine

South Korean TV dramas have plenty to offer—star-studded casts, trendsetting outfits, and of late, visually impressive interiors. Many of the latest Korean dramas to land on our screens are introducing both intriguing plots and spectacular homes. If your home office has lost its sparkle recently, look to these K-drama hits for ideas on how to jazz up your workspace.

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The Devil Judge

The Devil Judge takes place in a post-pandemic dystopian setting in Korea. To appease the masses and appeal for trust within the judicial system once more, the government introduces a judicial reform bill that allows the entire nation to take part in judicial trials as jurors in a reality TV show format.

Head trial judge Kang Yo-han (played by Ji Sung) leads the trials. As part of his high status, Kang’s private office is housed within a towering skyscraper and very much differs from ordinary courtroom offices. The devil’s in the details here, for the judge opted for a sleek look to his lavish office.

Full-height shelves line the walls and are packed with books and references for his trials. Aside from office essentials such as his desktop monitor and keyboard, his table is sparsely decorated, save for a couple of hourglasses and a crystal ball. The focal point of Kang’s office is a large framed painting that hangs on one wall; the statement piece is divided equally in red and white halves, and hints at Kang’s enigmatic past.

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Vincenzo might have aired its finale episode back in May this year, but the hit antihero series continues to enthrall fans with its stunning production and stellar cast. If you’re looking to gain inspiration for your home office, look no further than antagonist Jang Han-seok’s office. Jang, who is portrayed by 2PM’s Ok Taecyeon, takes over the position of chief executive officer of Babel Group after he reveals his true identity.

His upscale office reflects his status as the head of the conglomerate. Lofty windows deliver a stunning view of the cityscape, while handsome leather furnishings addingg a layer of polish to the space. Jang also opted for decorative table lamps and gleaming brass side tables to add to the room’s stylish appeal. A Ciclotte bike to the side of the desk acts as a piece of functional eye candy.

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Netflix’s hit Korean series Mine offers a glimpse into the lives of high society women and the lavish lifestyles that these ladies lead as they embark on a self-discovery journey. The extravagant interiors of the affluent Jung Seo-hyun’s (played by actress Kim Seo-hyung) residence is stunning, and her office is no less eye-catching.

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Reflecting a cosmopolitan flair befitting her position as the director of her namesake art gallery, the office is decorated with rich tones and various colourful artworks. A feature wall formed out of diagonal wood slats forms the backdrop for her desk. To the side, an entertainment area for guests is furnished with contemporary pendant lighting pieces and other elegant side tables that convey a rich sense of opulence.

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Crash Landing on You

Crash Landing on You is notable for its phenomenal cast and original plot, but design enthusiasts will also delight in the stylish interiors depicted throughout the show. Located in metropolitan South Korea, Yoon Se-ri’s (Son Ye-jin) office is decorated with flourishing plants and cosy off-white furnishings.

Just like her apartment, the chic heiress opted to decorate her office with feminine touches. Soft furnishings and pieces with curved forms can be found throughout the space. The office also features biophilic elements with an assortment of leafy indoor plants.

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