Though we’ve caught glimpses of the singer’s massive Taipei mansion on social media, we can’t help but wonder what it looks like in its entirety, especially when Korean boy band Got7’s Jackson Wang remarked that visitors could lose their way exploring it

While quarantined at home upon his recent return to Taipei, JJ Lin took to Instagram Live to chat with his friend and fellow singer Jackson Wang. Although it’s rare for the two Asian pop superstars to appear on social media together, what caught the attention of eagle-eyed fans and netizens alike was the luxurious interior of Lin’s mansion, which he had previously purchased for a cool S$18.9 million, located in Taipei’s Neihu district.

During the livestream, Lin took his viewers on an impromptu tour of his living room at Wang’s request. While the local singer, who was recently back in Singapore for Chinese New Year and the Disney+ launch performance, had acquired the property a while back, his followers—plus a total of 120,000 users who tuned in for the live broadcast—were surprised by its opulent décor.

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Lin had only showed his living room on screen for a split second. But when Wang, who recently collaborated on the song Should’ve Let Go with Lin, asked for a closer look, he obligingly agreed. Wang, taking in the vast 80sqm living room, asked in disbelief: “This is your house?”.

He continued, teasingly, “I think your bathroom is the size of my house, brother.”

After tuning in for the hour-long broadcast, we’re also dying to know—just how large is Lin’s house? Besides his collection of arcade game machines, the spacious dining area and cosy reading nook (not to mention two living rooms), what other treasures have Lin hidden away?

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1. Supreme x Mortal Kombat Arcade Cabinet

According to Lin, this eye-catching arcade game machine was a gift from a friend. Released by streetwear label Supreme as part of its Fall-Winter 2020 collection, the Mortal Kombat cabinet is the stuff of hypebeast dreams. It boasts a 17-inch colour LCD screen, two sets of arcade controls, and three games (Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat II and Ultimate Mortal Kombat).

2. Supreme x Stern Pinball Machine

In 2018, Supreme teamed up with renowned pinball machine manufacturer Stern to create a machine with a limited run of just 200 units worldwide. At the time, each one cost some $16,500, but one unit fetched nearly $115,000 at a Ravenel auction last year.

3. Bösendorfer Piano

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Lin’s cherished grand piano—it’s previously been featured in the singer’s 2016 music documentary If Miracles Had a Sound. His piano was designed as part of a collaboration between Austrian piano maker Bösendorfer and Audi, in celebration of the carmaker’s 100th anniversary in 2009. Only five units were released worldwide.

Of course, Lin’s collection of collectibles doesn’t end there—for instance, he’s also an avid fan of Kaws and Be@rbrick toy figurines, which line his walls. It’s hard to know the exact size of his collection, but in order to find out, it’s probably best to ask Lin himself.

This story was first published in Tatler Taiwan and translated and edited by Claire Teo.

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