She is the latest guest artist to design Bang & Olufsen's Beoplay A9 speaker as part of her new collaboration with the brand

Previously seen collaborating with artists such as Elizabeth Romhild and SRINLIM, high-end stereo brand Bang & Olufsen is releasing its fifth collaboration, this time with Thai artist Pomme Chan, who is breathing something refreshing into the project—feng shui.

Thailand Tatler caught up with the illustrator at Bang & Olufsen's boutique at Gaysorn Village in Bangkok to have a chat on oriental mysticism over tea. 

So tell us: How did this collaboration start?

Pomme Chan (PC) I had actually seen earlier collaborations with artists like Phannapast and Srinlim, and I liked the idea very much. I mentioned to Duangkamol, the director of Bang & Olufsen, that it would be great for us to collaborate, and she agreed right away. So we started discussing how to create something fresh, and Duangkamol gave me a lot of freedom as an artist. Prior to this collaboration, I’ve done a few other projects like the Sirimongkol exhibition, which focused on imagery for luck and good fortune. People buy these paintings and ceramics as auspicious decorative items. So for this time, I thought to turn the Beoplay A9 into an auspicious speaker for good feng shui. 

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Do you personally believe in feng shui or other similar topics?

PC Yes. I’ve been testing out lucky colours and it really does work, or at least it boosts my confidence. I usually consult an astrologer and feng shui master duo on these matters. The seating of everyone in my office has been picked by the duo. They calculated everybody’s birthdates to see where in the office they should sit and also to which direction they should face. Once in a while, we even knock the walls of the office with a rubber hammer on a specific date and at a specific time to give the space an energetic boost.

How do you feel about the finished products for B&O?

PC First of all, I really want to buy the Beoplay A9 for myself. And since I’ve worked on circular canvases before, having to work on the surface of Beoplay A9 feels very much like a continuation of my work. 

What were the challenges?

PC With most works I do, the canvas is almost always squared. Having to work on a circular canvas really affects how I work and plan the pieces. Another challenge is how there are limitations for colours. I am usually very meticulous with colours but now I have to face the limitation of which colours to not use with certain animals because it will be considered inauspicious. So having to balance aesthetics with beliefs, without making it look superstitious—I think that’s a challenge.

What is your tip on integrating feng shui into your daily life subtly?

PC Start with wearing lucky colours. Believe me, people won't know.

Do you think it’s going to sell?

PC Well, according to the astrologer’s reading, it will sell. There are five designs, so there must be one that you will like.

The collection is available at Bang & Olufsen in Gaysorn Village, Bangkok

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