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A home bar can be a great setting to host family and friends. Turn to these stylish spaces for some inspiration to elevate your entertainment area to the next level

If you’re a frequent host, a bar area at home can be the perfect social space for entertaining guests. A well-stocked home bar can also be a way for hosts to store and showcase their extensive collection of spirits. Such watering holes can be installed throughout the abode, whether it’s the kitchen, living space, a dedicated room, or even in a small nook within the study

Bar counters are also versatile multifunctional spaces; they can double up as a breakfast nook or as a makeshift workspace for brief video conferences on your laptop. There are a variety of ways to integrate a bar into your home. Most importantly, choose an area where you'll like to gather with family and friends.

Below, we highlight some inspirational design ideas to help you kickstart the planning and design of your personal bar area.

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1. An entertainment zone in the attic

Your home bar doesn’t have to be a full-fledged counter, as exemplified by this stylish area crafted by Cube Associate Design. Housed in the attic, this welcoming space functions as the family’s entertainment den in the attic where they host guests.

A bartop space is creatively crafted from a long timber plank that’s suspended from the ceiling. This helps free up floor space, creating a sense of roomy spaciousness to the area. Coupled with a couple of stylish black bar stools, the cosy bar area is a perfect social setting for guests to mingle.

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2. An ocean-inspired bar area

 For a sociable couple who live close to the sea, E&A Interiors created a bar entertainment area that draws influences from their proximity to the blue waters. Working with colours from the ocean, the firm designed a layered space for the homeowners to host guests.

Geometric wallpaper and floor tiles in different hues of blue create a refreshing upbeat vibe to the area. The island counter features chic shell-shaped tiles as well as a marble countertop that adds a subtle hint of elegance. Two small open shelves provide a display space for the homeowners to showcase their favourite trinkets. The bottom of each shelf is also adorned with a stemware rack, which helps save extra storage space and allows wine glasses to be readily accessible when entertaining guests.

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3. A glamorous home bar in a penthouse

If you’ve got an extensive collection of spirits, incorporate glass display shelving to your home bar to flaunt your best bottles. Designed by Prestige Global Designs, this stunning bar area features towering glass shelves that extend to the top of the double-height ceiling. The upper display stores the homeowners’ most precious and rare bottles, while the lower shelves offer easy access to the spirits that they frequently enjoy imbibing.

An onyx-clad bar counter creates a cosy and refined touch to the intimate space for the homeowner to share a drink with guests. The glittering chandelier enhances the lavish atmosphere and adds a glamorous finishing touch to the space.

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4. A tropical home bar

Take cues from our island’s tropical climate by infusing dynamic palm motifs and green hues into your home bar area. The home of Design Intervention’s principal Nikki Hunt, the entertainment space features a vibrant mixture of bold prints, rich colours, and contrasting textures.

Hunt’s expertise in creating a playful and verdant maximalist space is exemplified here. Located in the verandah, the bar area features clear glass windows that offer guests a free and unobstructed view of the lush foliage outside. The greenery is carried into the room through nature-inspired hues on the wallpaper, roof, and furniture. Classy brass tones from the frames of the bar cabinets add a polished look to the space.

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5. A colourful home bar

If you frequently host a large group of friends in your abode, go for a standalone bar area. Designed by celebrated interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard, this home bar draws its influences from the Latin American culture. The colourful space features Mexico-inspired textures and motifs, concocting a tropical and buoyant ambience.

The circular bar counter, coupled with an array of vibrant bar stools, allow the homeowners to easily host plenty of guests within the area. The accommodating layout also makes for a great setting for conversation amongst the guests as well as the host, who’ll be able to see and chat with everyone effortlessly.

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