Cover The contemporary design, with its dark tones and gold accents, is sleek and stylish (Image by: The Scientist)

Take a leaf out of the flamboyant star’s book and house your footwear collection for all to see

Arguably one of Netflix’s hottest reality shows of all time, Bling Empire has made quite a buzz on the scene since its premiere. The eight-episode series is packed with scandalous secrets, meaningful moments and a healthy dose of fiery drama and sly jabs—all presented by an affluent (with the exception of maybe one member) all-Asian cast that lives in Los Angeles.

The casual displays of wealth—from dropping US$30,000 for fish maw to lavish, extravagant parties that involve shutting down Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive—continuously pepper the storyline throughout the show, but nothing is as eye-catching and massive as Kane Lim’s monumental shoe display. The LA-based Singaporean real estate developer showcases his extensive shoe collection by exhibiting them, in all their glory, on his living room wall.

Struggling to store your own footwear collection? Below, we outline some inspiring ideas for you to work your shoe storage with your home décor.

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1. Designing your footwear cabinet as a showpiece

This contemporary design by The Scientist for a project in Leedon Heights makes for a creative display. The clutter-free design approach combines both form and function. It allows for the substantial collection of high-top sneakers to be cleverly tucked away, whilst simultaneously acting as an elegant display piece.  

The curved edges of each display window quietly complement the rest of the interior within the abode. Dark wood panels lined with gold accents create a sense of grandeur, while the warm display lighting illuminates the sneakers as showpieces. With the way the racks are designed, the display can accommodate high-top sneakers, ankle boots and even platform shoes. 

If you’re looking to showcase your shoe collection in a sleek manner, getting a custom-build display would be a rewarding approach—in this case, the integrated stylish design allowed the homeowners to get the most out of their home space.

2. Creating a visual statement

Hoarding lots of sneakers? Flaunt them on display. This project by local interior design firm Imagine SK66 forms the homeowner’s favourite sneakers as a focal point for the living room. Sneakerheads will probably benefit the most from this design take, due to the placement of the frames. Modern and snazzy, the trendy design approach adds character and serves as an eye-catching display. 

A neon sign that’s a testament to the homeowner’s love for basketball adds an extra touch of personalisation. The strip lights that line the back of the panel sets a warm, soft mood whilst gently illuminating the sneakers on display.  

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3. Building a walk-in space for your shoes

If your footwear collection rivals Lim’s in quantity, consider hosting your plethora of footwear in a walk-in wardrobe dedicated just for your shoes. This walk-in shoe cabinet, designed and styled by interior design firm KGID, features a vertical floor-to-ceiling design that draws inspiration from fashion boutiques.

The practical and chic design is located next to the entrance, allowing for easy convenience when it comes to slipping footwear on and off. The laminated glass doors and panels that line each shelf contrasts beautifully against the richer wood tones of cabinet.

With the design of the cabinet, each individual shelf height has the capacity to hold an assortment of footwear—from delicate heels to bulky loafers to tiny kids' shoes. Taller footwear, like knee-high boots, can be tucked into the drawers below, in place for future vacation trips. 

Awash in natural light during the day and elegantly lit by onyx at night, the stylish storage space is an oasis for shoe lovers.   

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4. Using vintage pieces as shoe storage

Vintage finds can often serve as a treasure trove for unique furniture pieces. This repurposed cabinet has been reimagined by London-based designer Bhavin Taylor to act as a shoe cabinet for a family home. It works as an art piece, instantly adding depth and personality into the room. Besides blending art and function, this particular cabinet with its glass panels also allows the homeowners to show off their taste in both shoes and furniture pieces.

As pictured, the cabinet can hold a range of various footwear, be it heels, platforms, or even ankle boots. If you find a vintage cabinet too low to host your loftier shoes, you can always opt for a taller unit that houses its own charm.  

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5. A built-in display that exhibits all your footwear

This built-in shoe cabinet designed by Luxur Interior makes for a monumental visual statement. A dedicated bespoke area for an extensive collection of footwear, the open shelving allows for all the shoes to be proudly displayed and easily accessible.

Frequently-worn shoes can be placed on the bottom shelves, whilst lesser-worn footwear like dress shoes and higher heels can occupy the top shelves. In addition to exhibiting all the footwear in full resplendence, the sliding glass doors also help keep dust away from the shoes.

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