Cover This calming bedroom features a long bench by the bay window that's perfect for reading and enjoying the outdoor views

Turn to these thoughtfully crafted spaces that will show you how to make the most of your bay windows

Bay windows are often one of the most overlooked and underutilised spaces. Defined by Singapore's Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) as a raised window with a cantilevered height of at least 0.5m, the design feature sometimes leads to awkward corners and nooks around the house. 

There are still benefits to having bay windows; these often frame a scenic view and allow more natural light to enter a room. Bay windows are also interesting architectural features that add a charming sense of character to the room. They can also be used a cosy reading nook; shelves or a built-in desk can be incorporated into this area through a clever use of custom furnishings.

Here, we’ve gathered some examples of well-designed bay windows in Singapore for your design inspiration.

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1. A reading nook with a long bench

Transform your bay window area into a comfortable reading nook where you can escape into a book for several hours. Designed by multidisciplinary practice Millihaus, this Japanese-style penthouse features a bay window area that’s a serene extension of the tranquility found in the rest of the home.

Located in the master bedroom, the design team made full use of the panoramic views that the large windows offer with the upholstered bench. The neutral colour palette and accent cushions help create an idyllic setting that’s perfect for curling up with a book by the window. The designers utilised a quarter of the space as extra display space for floral decor or other trinkets.

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2. A dining area with bench seating

Bay windows can also provide additional seating possibilities. In this spacious two-storey penthouse designed by Prestige Global Designs, an extended bay window runs the length of almost an entire wall. 

Prestige Global Designs placed the sofa in the living room perpendicular to the bay window. The design team also utilised the bay window space as a dining bench in the kitchen and dining area. The expansive seating space saves the need for more dining chairs and creates an appealing space for the family and guests to gather. Additional storage are also incorporated under the bench areas by the bay windows.

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3. A bay window with ample storage areas

If you’re living in an apartment, supplementary storage space is likely to be a feature that’s always welcomed. Bay windows can help provide extra spaces to store and display certain decor pieces. In this chic duplex apartment crafted by Summerhaus D’zign, the team transformed the original bay window area into a multifunctional zone with custom joinery.

The bay window in the master bedroom features a built-in shelf rack that occupies one corner of the area. Perfect for showcasing treasured collections and objets d'art, the nifty rack is designed above additional built-in storage drawers. A cushioned seat is designed at the other end of the bay window, creating a cosy space for the homeowners to relax and take a few quiet moments.

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4. A compact reading nook in the bedroom

A bay window doesn’t have to be a hindrance. In this stylish show flat designed by 2nd Edition for South Beach Residences, the snug bay window area has been ingeniously segmented to provide different benefits.

Situated in the master bedroom, one corner of the space has been transformed into an inviting reading nook with built-in storage options underneath. The other corner holds a vanity desk that can double as an office workspace. Hanging shelves over the workspace allows one to display unique art pieces or to keep meaningful memorabilia on display.

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5. A bay window that incorporates a daybed and study area

Designed by TDC & Associates, the daughter’s bedroom in this penthouse features a bay window that incorporates a built-in study desk. A daybed is also integrated into the bay window; the designers layered plenty of fabrics in the area to create a plush and inviting alcove. A platform where a lamp sits atop is also perfect for tea and snacks.

The other daughter’s bedroom in the apartment also features a bay window. The plush seats form a perfect space for the daughter to soak in the idyllic views outside. A small floating shelf built into the corner of the area provides optimal space for snacks and books.  

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