With many of us in self-isolation, reinventing our living space appears as a simple stress-relieving technique to incorporate in our daily life

Tidying and decluttering your interior seem particularly important in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, with Pinterest reporting a 4,000 per cent increase in "deep cleaning tips" searches in recent weeks.

Decluttering enthusiasts are already familiar with the principles of Marie Kondo's "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying," in which the Japanese guru advocates for minimalist living by throwing away any belonging that does not "spark joy."

"My tidying method isn't about getting rid of things—it's about heightening your sensitivity to what brings you joy. Once you've completed your tidying, there is room to welcome meaningful objects, people and experiences into your life," Kondo wrote on her site to mark the recent launch of her online homeware store.

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Although the Japanese expert took over Netflix last year with her own "Tidying Up with Marie Kondo," Marla Cilley's FlyLady technique has increasingly caught the attention of decluttering aficionados, as testified to by a boom of 40 per cent in searches on Pinterest.

This technique consists of breaking household tasks into small and manageable cleaning intervals to complete in no longer than 15 minutes, with Cilley advising to take baby steps like meal-prepping for the week or shining your sink.

"Many of you can't understand why I want you to empty your sink of your dirty dishes and clean and shine it when there is so much more to do. It is so simple; I want you to have a sense of accomplishment! You have struggled for years with a cluttered home and you are so beaten down. I just want to put a smile on your face," she explains on her official website.


Additional cleaning methods include the "27 Fling Boogie," which consists of gathering and discarding 27 unnecessary items around the house.

Meanwhile, the "Hot Spot Fire Drill" invites you to get rid of any clutter pile in your interior, such as a chair where you put your clothes instead of tidying them up in your wardrobe.

"When a home is filled with clutter, it takes on a life of its own. Your whole day is spent giving it attention, instead of your family and yourself. Let's look at some of the things we give up, so we can devote our lives to this inconsiderate house guest," Cilley wrote on a note in her site.

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