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Scratching your head for the perfect gift this Father’s Day? We have a great selection of ideas from brands like Apple, Samsung and more to help you decide

With Father’s Day around the corner, you may be wondering what to get for your tech-savvy dad this year; particularly if he has more than enough neckties, socks, wallets, and shoes to last him a lifetime. 

If you're stuck on ideas, here's a list of gadgets and toys to help you out.

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Apple AirTag

Don't you just hate it when you lose or misplace your keys? Fortunately, Apple's latest AirTag makes it easy to keep track of all your belongings. These button-like devices are small enough to be attached to important objects like the car keys. 

Using a combination of Bluetooth and ultra-wideband technology, users can track down their lost AirTag via Apple's Find My app. If the item is close by, you can even use the app to accurately direct you to its location. In addition, if you order them online through Apple's official website, you can also have the AirTags engraved to give it a personal touch. 



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Bang & Olufsen Beoplay HX

Bang & Olufsen’s latest launch, the Beoplay HX, features a powerful listening experience with the most cutting-edge adaptive active noise cancellation. Whether dad is exercising to his favourite tunes or am on an important work call, the Beoplay HX adapts to each background accordingly and effectively removes all ambient noises. The trailblazing headphone features four microphones that optimises speech clarity for dad’s Zoom conferences. 

Stylish and lightweight, the Beoplay HX is engineered for long-lasting comfort with soft lambskin and memory foam ear cushions. To ensure that the headphones can be worn all day without discomfort, the headband features a centre-relief comfort zone that eases pressure. With battery optimisation that offers up to 35 hours of playtime, the Beoplay HX is also fitted with two custom-designed speaker drivers and bass ports that deliver an immersive and authentic audio performance.


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Huawei MatePad

Get dad a new tech companion with Huawei’s latest MatePad. The 10.4-inch sleek tablet has an edge-to-edge 2K high-definition display that offers stunning colour accuracy and incredible levels of high-resolution detail. Built for an immersive media experience, the in-built Harman Kardon quad-speaker sound system and Huawei Histen 6.1 delivers stunning audio clarity and 3D spatial sounds.   

The tablet also comes equipped with the latest range of features from the Chinese tech giant, such as the EMUI 10.1 that allows for efficient multitasking. The multi-window feature allows users to run a background app with additional floating windows, so you can reply to emails and messages quickly and effortlessly. With its lightweight design and suite of inventive features, Huawei’s MatePad will make for an ideal device for dads who are constantly on the go.


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Eurocave Tête à Tête wine cabinet

If dad enjoys indulging in a glass or two of fine wine, you won’t go wrong with a wine cabinet. Wine storage company Eurocave is known for designing premium solutions for wine preservation. The French label has a large selection of wine cabinets, ranging from a mini-sized cabinet that protects your finest bottles from light to a large-sized selection that offers a constant temperature for maturing wine. 

The Tête à Tête wine cabinet is designed to fit 12 bottles, with sufficient storage for two opened bottles that can last up to seven days due to the innovative oxygen extraction heads. The cabinet helps to keep your selection of wines at an ideal serving temperature. With its compact and sleek design, the wine cabinet blends stylishly into various interior settings. 


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Xiaomi Mi Box

Bored and need something entertaining to watch? The Xiaomi Mi Box is bound to put a smile on any dad’s face as it puts hours of entertainment at his fingertips. Small, sleek, and attractive, this Android TV box fits into any living space.

Running on Android TV 6.0, the interface has also been designed from the ground up to be easy to use. It even comes with a Bluetooth voice remote that lets users search for content with just the sound of their voice. 

There are myriad ways to find entertainment on the Mi Box including built-in Google Cast to stream shows, movies, and music from your phone, tablet, or laptop. With it, you can easily catch up on the news, binge on your favourite TV shows, and even play some Android games on the big screen.


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Samsung The Frame

Almost every dad will appreciate a new TV, and Samsung’s cult-favourite The Frame will be no exception. Besides being a 4K QLED television screen, the innovative design also acts as a display for gallery masterpieces. 

Once you’re done watching television, you can turn it off to activate Art Mode, which transforms the screen into a customisable digital canvas for you to display your favourite artworks. Choose your favourite art piece from a selection of over 1,400 artworks, while the advanced sensors keep the natural colours of the artwork from changing by automatically adjusting the screen brightness and colour based on external lighting conditions. The display sits within a modern and customisable frame design that replicates the look and feel of actual picture frames.


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Lenovo ThinkPad X13 Yoga

With work from home being the norm, dads will need a powerful laptop that can handle anything life throws at them. Enter the Lenovo 13.3-inch ThinkPad X13 Yoga, a thin, light, and performance-packed flexible laptop that comes with display options up top 4K resolution. 

Weighing just 1.3kg, the X 13 Yoga is built tough and its chassis has been tested for military-grade durability ensuring it remains usable even after an accidental drop. Being a flexible laptop, it can be used in one of four flexible modes—laptop, tablet, stand or tent thanks to its 360-degree hinge. Additionally, it comes powered by a 10th Gen Intel Core processor.

Lenovo claims the X13 Yoga offers all-day battery life, but even if you manage to run it empty, the laptop comes with rapid-charging technology that lets you get it from 0-80 percent in an hour.


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Stow The World Class Tech Case

These days we may not travel around as much as we used to but when the need arises, Stow has the perfect travel case to keep all of dad's important tech tools and gadgets together and organised. The commute-ready World Class Tech Case lives up to its namesake, it comes complete with a powerbank that offers up to two full charges.

You also get a USB adapter for both lightning and mini USB ports. If you have an important meeting, there is a handy notebook inside that is perfect for taking notes. The case measures 26 x 20 x 3cm, decked in supple Spanish leather and soft Italian goat suede. In case you are wondering, it has the space to accommodate an 11-inch iPad Pro.


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Gaggenau 400 series fully automatic espresso machine

Gaggenau’s state-of-the-art coffee machine will please dads who are serious coffee drinkers. The fully automatic espresso machine allows you to effortlessly create a wide range of coffees and hot milk drinks. The double dispenser is able to prepare two beverages at a time, while the empty grinding function provides you with the ability to wrap different coffee bean varieties without mixing them together. 

Dads who can’t function without that morning cup of coffee will be delighted to know that the machine can save up to eight personalised configurations, which means that he can prepare his first cup with little to no hassle. Another time-saving function is the machine’s continuous-flow heater, which provides a constant brewing temperature and eliminates any waiting time.


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For dads who enjoy working out and have been limited to exercising at home due to pandemic restrictions, Mirror will make the ultimate gift for them. The futuristic fitness mirror has a streamlined and elegant design that can seamlessly integrate into any decor style. 

Mirror provides full-fledged workouts for all skill levels within the slim screen with over 50 genres of fitness classes that range between five to 60 minutes. It also comes equipped with a front-facing camera and advanced tracking technology that delivers real-time feedback based on goals and preferences.


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Native Union x Tom Dixon Block wireless charger

Gift your dad this Father’s Day a wireless charger that will make a striking statement piece to his study table. A collaborative piece between tech accessories label Native Union and renowned British designer Tom Dixon, the wireless charging station features a streamlined design made with an aluminum base and stainless steel cable sleeve. Besides charging devices, the nifty multitasker has a carved valet tray that can be used to store essentials within easy reach.


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Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus speaker

Treat dad to an ultimate home audio experience with the statement-making Nautilus speaker from Bowers & Wilkins. Looking as good as it sounds, the flagship speaker from the British company delivers superior sound quality with its unorthodox form. 

Unlike conventional box speakers, the Nautilus speaker takes a unique spiral form that mirrors its cephalopod namesake. The tapering tubes aren’t designed simply for aesthetics; they absorb erratic sound energy and reduce resonances for a clean and crisp audio experience. The speakers feature an active crossover design, which allows each speaker driver to perform on its own frequency. This results in a sharp final tone output.   

Hand-built to order, the Nautilus speaker is crafted with fiberglass-reinforced ABS and is available in three standard colours: midnight blue, silver, and black. If you’re looking to add a special touch, Bowers & Wilkins also has a special service that allows you to customise the speaker for dad in his favourite colour. 


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Aurabeat AG+ portable air purifier

If dad is constantly on the go, Aurabeat’s AG+ portable air purifier will ensure that he has clean air even when he’s outside of the house. Designed to fit into the cup holders of cars, the portable air purifier has a streamlined air outlet that ensures effective air circulation. 

The multi-speed fan and four-in-one air filter help sterilise and purify the air by killing bacteria and removing fine particles. The pre-filter equipped in the portable purifier intercepts large particles, dust, and hair, while the activated carbon layer and aurabeat silver ion technology effectively removes odour, formaldehyde, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).


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V-Zug RefreshButler

The best gift for dad is, quite possibly, the gift of convenience. V-Zug's Refreshbutler is the perfect time-saving appliance for busy dads. The innovative fabric care system cleans garments thoroughly by gently removing moisture with a closed air loop and a heat pump. This procedure evaporates any drops of water from the garments, ensuring that the clothes are dry and fresh before activating a photocatalysis function that steams the clothing pieces.

The gentle steaming process helps eliminate 99.99 percent of germs and bacteria; clothing odour is neutralised and removed at this stage as well. The system also has an anti-crease function that helps to significantly reduce creases and wrinkles. Classic and practical, the novel appliance is available as a stylish free-standing unit; it can also be integrated seamlessly into current cabinetry. Dad will no longer have to painstakingly iron his suits and shirts. 



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SuperSolid XG340R curved monitor

Bless dad with a new monitor for the home office to prevent him from straining his eyes. SuperSolid's XG340R ultimate curved monitor features a 34-inch ultrawide display panel alongside an ultra-thin bezel infinity display that offers a clear and enhanced cinematic experience. The 1500R curvature is designed to complement the natural contours of the human eye, delivering the ultimate viewing comfort even with prolonged use.

If dad is an avid gamer, the monitor's breakneck 1ms moving picture response time will delight him by rendering every motion instantly and allowing for quick reactions immediately. The 144Hz refresh rate offers extra smoothness in gameplay by doubling the frames and details. Created to emit less blue light compared to ordinary monitors, the XG340R also eliminates any subliminal flickers that are often distracting. 


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GilletteLabs Heated Razor Starter Kit

Give dad's morning shave a luxurious upgrade with GilletteLabs’ new Heated Razor Starter Kit. Combining the pampering experience of a hot towel shave with the ease of a modern grooming session, the Heated Razor is a suave dad's new best friend. The razor is fully waterproof and ergonomically designed with a sleek handle, and caters to every facial curve with FlexDisc technology.

Now the real excitement comes with the addition of a stainless steel warming bar—not only does it give the enjoyable experience of having a warm shave in the morning, the temperature levels are also adjustable with just a push of the button. What's more: four intelligent heat sensors maintain the desired warmth, and built-in safety technology automatically prevents overheating so that you won't burn yourself.

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