While not every family member can appreciate their meals on tabletops, your furry friend gets their own royal treatment with Ollie Bowls

“It was really inspired by my experience with my dog, Ollie,” shares founder Izzy Concepcion about the recent launch of Ollie Bowls this year. “When you’re a new pet parent, you get so excited and go all out shopping for all the chews, the toys.” Concepcion admits that her fascination with pets stemmed from the fact that there was hardly ever a time when her family did not have a dog.

Concepcion’s observations of her dogs’ eating habits made her decide to sell her own food bowls. “When I was shopping for my dog’s bowls, I discovered that there wasn’t much variety available. It wasn’t much of a big deal, really. Until I actually got my dog and saw how he eats,” Concepcion discloses. “He would chase the bowl all over the kitchen floor, making so much noise as he tried to get every bit of food or every drop of water. The kibble would fly everywhere, water would splash all over the place. I also had to keep changing the water in his bowl because it would become lukewarm quickly and he didn’t like that.”

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The collection from Ollie Bowls answers all these problems. They are reasonably heavy, very stable, and do not topple easily. The food bowls are also built with a silicone anti-slip base so they do not slide around even if cats and dogs gobble up food or drink water too quickly.

The items also feature double stainless-steel walls that prevent heat transfer, so the water stays cold longer. The material is non-corrosive and does not rust making the bowls easy to clean.

Unlike plastic and ceramic, Ollie Bowls are non-porous, which means there is no place for bacteria and fungus to settle in. For Concepcion, choosing pet items with designs that adapt well to both the owner and pet environment makes a life-changing difference.

“Bowls are part of pet essentials. It is worth the investment. I have so many customers telling me that their dog is drinking more water now than they ever did or that they can eat now without their owner looking over them because they have separation anxiety, things like that,” she concludes.

Ollie Bowls may be purchased from olliebowls.com. For more information, follow @ollie.bowls on Instagram and @ollie-bowls on Facebook.


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