From hi-tech bathtubs and shower systems to sleek features and accessories, these products will provide all the pampering treats to soothe your muscles and turn your bathroom into a private spa sanctuary.

“The bathroom is no longer just a hygiene and functional space of yester years but it is becoming a space that fulfils emotional desires,” says Isabelle Oh, senior marketing executive for Hansgrohe, “It is a living space for rejuvenation and quality me-time. People are looking for a story of their own to tell in this area.” 

From bath tubs and shower systems to steam cabins and accessories collections, here’s a round-up of the latest bathroom offerings for that home spa experience. 


Wellness Bath Area
Armani/Roca’s vision for an ideal bathroom is spacious and luxuriously understated. The bathtub comes with a soft headrest, an ingenious hide-flow system and hidden hand-held faucet and thermostatic faucet while touch-sensitive buttons on the edge of the tub offer decadent option of Champagne Bubbles (for bathing with bubbles the size and texture of those in champagne) or Water Chromo for aquatic Chromotherapy. 


Nendo Lampshower
Trust German label Axor to take whimsical ideas from the world’s best designers and realising them. This shower by Japan’s most prolific design studio is one that dissolves the spatial constraints of the bathroom. “The natural blending of light and water in the Axor LampShower gives the bathroom a cosier feel, and contributes significantly towards decreasing the pace of our increasingly hectic lives,” says Phillip Grohe, head of Axor. 


Sweet Collection
This collection brings the elements of wellness that used to be exclusively built for hotels and fitness centres to your home. Sweet Collection transforms the shower, the sauna, the steam bath cabin into furnishings that are adaptable to every ambience, both technically and aesthetically.


“Showering is much more than just getting clean,” says Les Petch, senior product manager for Performance Showering at Kohler. DTV+ shower system integrates water, sound, steam and lighting elements to create multi-sensorial showering experiences that are customisable and programmable via a touch screen interface. It also delivers two different water temperatures for different outlets and configurations. 


Axor Universal Accessories
“Accessories have a significant effect on the overall appearance of a room; they are an essential part of its décor,” says famed architect Antonio Citterio. Freshly launched in late November, Citterio’s elegant bathroom accessories collection for Axor consists of handles, bars, and shelf elements that can be used individually or as a systems solution in bathrooms. Did we mention that it can be customised in six colours? Absolutely, take your pick of chrome, gold optic, red gold, black chrome, nickel or bronze in polished or brushed finish. 


Paiova 5
Designed by Austrian studio EOOS, the sculptural Paiova 5 bathtub is hybrid of corner bathtub and freestanding bathtub. Paiova 5 features two different backrest slopes, offering the choice between a sitting positing and a flat reclining position. Both slopes can be fitted with jets to enjoy on your own or à deux. 


Presented at last year’s World Architecture Festival, Aquacloud radically redefine the shower experience. Who says you need to be standing up to enjoy your shower? Aquacloud presents the concept of horizontal showering, where you are pampered with rain-like water drops while stretching out in an elevated platform, floating in bliss.


Integrating accoustics into the bath can be tricky, which is why Soundwave is a marvellous milestone. Comprising two transducers, six acoustic panels, a control box and a receiver, Soundwave is the brand’s first bath audio system that can be easily combined with any Kaldewei bath. Soaking up in Soundwave-enhance tub, you don’t only hear the music, you feel the music through gentle vibration in the water.

Kartel By Laufen

A true embodiment of how bathroom has evolved into such an important part of our lifestyle, this playful collection combines Kartell’s Italian flair with Laufen’s Swiss precision. The collection’s colourful transparent cabinets and racks are the perfect accessories to keep your bath product visible at all times.


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