Cover Designed by Rene Tan, co-founder of RT+Q Architects, this walk-in wardrobe features lofty ceilings that create a bright and airy atmosphere

Whether you're a shoe and bag collector or one to own chic suits and the most extravagant dresses, get a dose of design inspiration to create your dream closet

Closets are often seen as mundane spaces when it comes to interiors. But these spaces hold much importance; as one of the most used areas in a home, closets can act as a safe sanctuary and a functional room where one can dress up and feel good. 

Designing a dressing room requires a deft mix of style and functionality. The space should provide practicality in terms of storage, and yet integrate cohesively and stylishly into your home layout. Whether it’s a dedicated area located within an ensuite bedroom or a complete walk-in chamber, it’s important to tailor the space according to your needs and personality. 

Below, we highlight some inspirational walk-in wardrobes that suit a variety of design schemes.

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1. A walk-in wardrobe that also functions as a study

Now that we’re constantly working from home, multifunctional spaces are more important than ever. If you haven’t got a dedicated home office, consider turning your walk-in wardrobe into a multipurpose area.

Designed by Mr Shopper Studio, the closet in this glamorous two-bedroom apartment has been transformed into a sleek, versatile space. Entering through polished, gold-framed glass doors, the cosy space is flanked with towering built-in cabinetry on both sides. A long patterned rug placed in the centre replicates the look of a catwalk whilst adding colour and personality.

The highlight of the self-enclosed space is the multifunctional desk at the end. With a built-in mirror, the table can instantly serve as a vanity area for the homeowner when she’s getting ready. Alternatively, it can also be used as a work desk, transforming the closet into a smart and stylish office space.

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2. A shared wardrobe

Closets serve as a space for storing your clothes and getting ready, but the enclosed room can also be used as a place to connect and bond. The home of architectural firm RT+Q’s co-founder Rene Tan, this walk-in wardrobe in the master bedroom was lovingly created for his wife to easily access her clothes and accessories. This walk-in wardrobe is also connected to Tan’s teenage daughter’s bedroom through a hidden wall, allowing the mother-daughter duo to easily share clothes and create fond memories of dressing up together.

With a lofty ceiling that stretches across two storeys, the walk-in wardrobe holds ample storage space. Higher compartments, perfect for storing lesser-worn clothing such as winter gear, are easily accessible through the home’s attic. Clear glass panels allow Tan’s wife to easily select clothing, while the soft carpet flooring adds a touch of luxe. Glass panels and rotating windows around the closet delightfully connect the space to other rooms around the house.  

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3. A shoe lovers' dream closet

If you boast an impressive shoe collection, consider hosting your footwear in an area dedicated just for your shoes. This chic walk-in shoe cabinet, created by interior design firm KGID, comprises of two imposing full-height shelves that hold copious storage capacity.

KGID drew inspiration from fashion boutiques, as the wife is a huge fan of such luxury spaces. Each individual shelf is designed to hold an ample assortment of footwear, ranging from higher heels to bulkier loafers. Built-in lighting within the cabinet creates a luxurious boutique effect and a warm ambience whilst gently illuminating the shoes on display. Located near the entrance, the practical space allows easy convenience when it comes to slipping footwear on and off.

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4. A botanical themed wardrobe

Customise your dressing space to fit your needs specifically whilst allowing your own personality to shine. For a couple who were committed to the recommendations of their fengshui master, they decided to approach Topic Studio to craft a truly personalised interior for their apartment.

The design firm brought the walk-in wardrobe to life using patterns and lighting. Keeping to the home’s chinoiserie theme with floral compositions, the decorative Fromental wallpaper was decided in accordance with the feng shui requirements. Each individual shelf is lined and illuminated with lights, which highlights specific collections like bags and scarves. With the owners’ preference for gold tones in mind, the design team stylishly lined the edges of the cabinets in the sparkling hue.

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5. A boutique-inspired wardrobe

Showcase your prized collections with a mix of display designs in your walk-in wardrobe. Designed by Ming Architects, this semi-detached property features an expansive walk-in dressing room that has a combination of hanging shelves and display cabinets. The open shelves allow instant access to everyday pieces, while the glass display cabinets create storage for more precious pieces whilst keeping dust and dirt away. 

The design team also used a rich combination of textures and materials to create a dynamic monochromatic space. The walls feature sinuous patterns with a touch of gold, which also ties into the sinewy patterns of the marble slabs throughout the closet. Elegant and impactful, the walk-in wardrobe is a multifunctional space that’s distinctively catered to the homeowners.   

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