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Take care of your body and sitting posture while working from home with these ergonomic office chairs

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If you’re noticing a toll on your body in terms of backaches and neck strains whilst working from home, the answer could lie in your home office set-up. Working longer hours in a prolonged sitting position without a supportive chair can lead to significant poor posture over time. 

Make your work from home experience more pleasant by investing in an ergonomic chair that could lend proper support. These ergonomic office chairs will help you sit up comfortably and provide back support with adjustability so you can find your most ideal sitting position.

It’s important to note, however, that there is no universal ergonomic chair for everyone—everyone’s needs and bodies are different, so it’s always best to consult with the retail expert before purchasing a chair. To assist in your search for the ideal desk chair, we’ve gathered a variety of office chairs that are both ergonomic and stylish. 

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1. Okamura Cyanara by Andreas Krob and Joachim Brüske

Designed by Andreas Krob in collaboration with engineer Joachim Brüske, the Cynara chair combines a sense of lightness with an ergonomic form. Produced by office furniture manufacturer Okamura, this task chair references the graceful arc of the yumi, a traditional archery bow used by ancient warriors in Japan.

The curved frame is a flexible structure designed to support your spine for optimal comfort. The chair also offers an adjustable seat height and the brand’s proprietary ankle-tilt recline, which moves the back and seat simultaneously when needed.


2. Herman Miller Cosm by Studio 7.5

For those seeking a straightforward ergonomic chair where you wouldn’t have to fiddle with an array of adjustments, Herman Miller’s Cosm is for you.

Made in collaboration with German design firm Studio 7.5, the award-winning chair’s highlight is its auto-harmonic tilt feature. Designed to provide balanced support and movement based on each individual sitter, the mechanism automatically calibrates a balanced recline and personalised comfort based on your body and posture. The chair’s elastomeric suspension provides spinal support by conforming to each person’s body. Sleek and stylishly designed, the chair’s breathable mesh material is also ideal for our sunny weather.


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3. Vitra ID Cloud by Antonio Citterio

The latest to join Swiss furniture company Vitra’s office chair line-up, the ID Cloud is designed by Italian architect and furniture designer Antonio Citterio. The lightweight chair provides a cloud-like sitting experience by offering the ability to move with natural freedom whilst offering optimal support.

The ergonomic shell provides lumbar support that can be adjusted to each individual’s height. With Vitra’s patented FlowMotion mechanism, the chair allows you to quickly and effortlessly adjust the resistance. It provides support in every sitting position—even when you’re leaning forward and closer to your laptop screen. The height-adjustable backrest is crafted from a breathable membrane that provides flexibility by adjusting to the shape of the sitter’s back. The chair can also be customised in an array of rich colours.


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4. Knoll Generation chair

The Generation chair from American manufacturer Knoll is designed to provide unrestrained movement. The chair's standout feature is the frameless Flex Back, an innovative element that allows flexible movement as you move and adjust throughout the workday. The mechanism takes the form of a figure-eight structure at the back of the chair; when combined with the brand’s elastomer mesh net, it shifts with you and delivers optimal localised support for both the shoulders and lumbar region no matter what position you’re in.

Combined with a comfortable cushioned seat and non-mechanical dynamic suspension that provides flexibility, the chair helps prevent slouching even after long hours in the seat. Match it to the interior scheme of your home office; the chair is available in a range of colourful fabrics.


5. Steelcase Think

Comprising of 28 per cent recycled materials with up to 95 percent recyclable materials, Steelcase’s Think chair is both ergonomically and sustainably designed. The innovative desk chair features a weight-activated mechanism, allowing the chair to adjust automatically when you sit and move after recognising your weight. 

The rigid backrest has a flexor system that contours to your body, allowing your spine to move naturally whilst providing support as you switch postures throughout the workday. The adjustable armrests offer unique customisation—you can move them forward, backward as well as upwards, downwards and sideways.


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