Cover The Slide Gelée collections by Roberto Paoli feature poufs, lounge chairs and coffee tables in a jelly-like form

Delight in these quirky candy-like collections that will make fun accent pieces in your living room

Much as we do appreciate the zen and uncluttered look of modern, minimalist interiors, it's through the use of decorative details and personal touches that help bring the look together and make an interior feel more like it's part of a home.

Accent pieces easily solve the problem—think side tables in playful hues or cushions and other smaller items that you can swap out when needed. Introduce a dose of fun to your home with the playful selection that we have found, which feature forms and colours that reference candies, macarons and other confectionery.

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1. Hem Boa pouf by Sabine Marcelis

For this quirky new collection, Rotterdam-based designer Sabine Marcelis teams up with Swedish furniture brand Hem to produce doughnut-shaped poufs in cheerful pastel hues that will make delightful additions to your home. Crafted using an innovative shape-knit textile that has a finish that appears to feature a smooth, almost air-brushed effect, the Boa pouf is perfect for lounging on.

Available from

2. Tavolo Morbido Swirl table by Studio Mignone

Created by Adelaide-based practice Studio Mignone, this table features a triple-tone concrete top in soft pink and white hues that bring to mind the swirls on lollipops and chocolate candy. It features four chubby legs in pink or white and is backed by painted steel for extra support.  Sealed with a semi-gloss finish, each unique table is made upon order in limited editions.

Available from Studio Mignone

3. Foscarini Binic table lamp by Ionna Vautrin

This sprightly series by Paris-based designer Ionna Vautrin features a compact size and six candy-like colours that make them fun additions to any room. comprising an ABS base and polycarbonate projector, these lamps can be placed on the console or on a side table next to your favourite armchair.

Available from Linds Furniture

4. Cloud stool by Karyn Lim, from Shouten Store

Featuring an ombre finish, the Cloud collection of stools and low tables by Singaporean designer Karyn Lim features rounded edges that make these pieces appear to float above ground; its curvy form also bring to mind the shape of popsicles. The ombre finish can be customised in your colour of choice, be it light or pastel hues or a vivid blue.

Available from Shouten Store

5. Slide Gelée pouf by Roberto Paoli

With its jelly-like appearance, these playful poufs will make quirky additions to your living room. The sunny yellow hue is our favourite tone and it's also adorably reminiscent of lemon drops. Lounge chairs and coffee tables that take a similar form are available.

Available from Slide

6. Akar de Nissim Macaron coffee tables

Got a sweet tooth for macarons? This sleek coffee table draws inspiration from the dainty French pastry; the “filling”-like centre of the table is made hollow so that it can store your books, magazines and other paraphernalia. It features local brand Akar de Nissim’s signature 10-year lacquered finish for a glossy look and is available in grey or red.

Available from Akar de Nissim

7. Bonbonniere glass dish with lid by Helle Mardahl

Store candies for guests in the Bonbonniere container by Copenhagen-based artist Helle Mardahl; with the lid on, the candy holder appears almost like a playful sculpture. Produced in Denmark, the mouth-blown pieces each have its unique curvy shape and is available in a cheerful array of shades.

Available from Helle Mardahl

8. Marshmallow sofa by Kam Kam

The work of Seoul-based studio Kam Kam, the Marshmallow sofa features a twisted shape that references the chewy candy. Made using skein yarn and soft wool, the twisted structure serves both form and function—it strengthens the tensile force of the couch while creating a striking decorative detail.

Available from Kam Kam

9. Lasvit Lollipop lamp by Boris Klimek

Lasvit Lollipop lamp by Czech designer Boris Klimek features glass plates made with the slumped glass technique to create a mix of table lamps and pendant lights. A metal holder and light source is placed at the centre of each glass plate, in a way similar to how the sticks are inserted in lollipops.

Available from Lasvit

10. Candy Series p.07 (2017) By Koo Seong Youn

Add a pop of colour to your living room with this playful limited edition print from South Korean artist Koo Seong Youn, who is represented by Gallery Huue. It depicts a bouquet of candy flowers set against a millennial pink backdrop; the perfect pick for homeowners who appreciate whimsical elements in their home.

Available from The Artling

11. Jonathan Adler Globo bookends

Count on American designer Jonathan Adler to deliver a dose of whimsy to your spaces with his playful collections. The Globo bookend is one of such fun picks to feature on the display shelves in your living room; it features an L-shaped brass base that supports acrylic orbs in candy-like tones.

Available from Jonathan Adler

12. Bocci 87 pendant lights

Taking the appearance of spun candy, this pearlescent lighting piece from Bocci is made with a folding motion that gives it the taffy-like form. Its LED ambient light source is placed at the end of the loop so that it imbues a gentle glow. The Bocci 87 collection comprises wall lamps and pendant lights that can be used singularly or in a group to create a lively focal point in your home.

Available from Space Furniture

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