Cover Designed by Daniel Pouzet, the Ambienta lamp emits light for both greenery and workspaces Image: Courtesy of Red Square Flowers

These innovative lighting pieces offer various multiple features that combine their elegant forms with useful functions

Aside from illuminating the room, innovative lighting designs can provide visual impact, in more ways than one. Whether it’s a lamp with a built-in speaker or even a lighting piece that also functions as a display shelf, these versatile finds can help serve various needs while serving as elegant accent pieces. Below, we’ve gathered a selection of multipurpose lamps that will help brighten your home in various ways. 

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1. Lumio Teno Lava lamp, from Hello Lumio

Designed to intrigue, the light source of this portable lamp is hidden in a bowl-shaped form that emits both a gentle glow and soothing sounds. Created by Jakarta-born architect Max Gunawan, the sculpture-like invention is crafted from cast resin and textured natural sand on the outside shell to deliver a tactile experience when holding it.

When you slide the bowl open, the battery-operated lamp switches on and provides a soft and warm glow from the high-output LED bulb within. To activate the speaker, simply tap the lamp; it has been designed to intuitively recognise finger gestures through built-in touch sensors. Equipped with a bluetooth chip, an amplifier, and a noise-cancelling microphone, the lamp delivers high-quality and crystal-clear audio.


2. Foscarini Solar lamp by Jean Marie-Massaud, from Space Furniture

A table and an outdoor lamp infused into one, the Solar lighting piece from contemporary Italian lighting label Foscarini is designed to encourage conversation and social gatherings at the balcony or in a small garden. The work of French architect and designer Jean-Marie Massaud, the hemispherical body is crafted from translucent moulded polyethylene while the brown tabletop is made with ceramic. 

The lamp is also designed with the ability to tilt sideways at 15 degrees, a practical feature for rainy days where rainwater can easily slide off the surface.


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3. Flos Gaku wireless lamp by Nendo, from Space Furniture

Don’t be fooled by the small structure of this lamp. It provides an abundance of light that can instantly brighten the whole room, and comes equipped with a push-button dimmer switch that allows you to adjust between four levels of brightness.

Designed by Japanese design firm Nendo, the rechargeable lamp is housed within a box frame that can also function as a display shelf. Integrated within the solid ash wood frame is a wireless charger for the small lamp. Once the battery within the lamp is full, the lighting piece can be separated from the shelf and shifted to anywhere in your room.

The shelf can double as an organiser unit or serve as a wireless charging station for smartphones.


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4. Sky Sound lamp by Pablo Pardo, from Pablo Designs

If you work in a particularly noisy environment, the Sky Sound lamp is designed to help. Created by Venezuelan-born industrial designer Pablo Pardo, the lamp is part of the Sky collection—an array of modular pendant lighting options that delivers multipurpose benefits. The Sky Sound helps to minimise ambient noise to create a conducive work environment.

The lamp features a disc shade made from PET felt, a high-quality material that soaks up ambient sound. A two-sided flat-panel LED light source is suspended underneath the felt shade, casting ample omnidirectional light throughout the space. The Sky Sound is 97 percent recyclable and is available in a variety of different sizes to suit various spaces.


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5. Atelier Pouzet Ambienta lamp, from Daniel Pouzet

Looking to infuse your space with both greenery and light? The answer lies in the Ambienta lamp, designed by French architect Daniel Pouzet. The award-winning lamp features hydroponic technology within the structure. Simply pour water down the central column, which will then be filtered to the base of the lamp for the plants’ roots.

Ambienta also features two LED light settings: an ambient light for your daily usage and a grow light for your green friends to thrive. Whenever you’re not using the lamp, flick the switch on the control panel to supply the light source for the green foliage instead. The green lamp will definitely help spruce up cabinet shelves and workspaces.


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