A stylish mix of furniture and accent pieces, such as steel-frame counter seats or a vintage bar trolley, is all it takes to turn your kitchen into the heart of your abode

Once a purely utilitarian space, our kitchens have since evolved to become multi-purpose, social zones. Large appliances used to dictate the layout of home kitchens, which were often kept out of sight from guests and designated solely to storing, preparing and cooking food. In the last two decades, many exciting new innovations have enabled the kitchen to be relocated from the back to the centre of the house, where it has become the heart of the home.
Clutter-free and handleless systems encourage more open-concept designs that blur the boundaries between the kitchen and other parts of the home, while compact, touch-control appliances enable better utilisation of space. The development of home automation and multi-functional appliances have paved the way for a more human-centric approach to kitchen design, enabling increased flexibility, convenience and style choices.
Here are some products that can help you design a kitchen that brings people together.

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1. Customise your kitchen storage

The work of Cubo Design, the Menta kitchen system by Miton Cucine offers innovative, modular components that can be used to create a series of kitchen stations. Choose from a wide selection of matte, silky, stone or wood-effect finishes to match your interior scheme. Each module comes with the option of customised LEDs and can be designed for specific functions; these include shelving for cookbooks, a wine bar or a storage area for small appliances.

Available at W. Atelier

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2. Keep it streamlined

The award-winning Fusion hob from V-Zug combines the functions of a hob and hood; its hob incorporates a hood that’s able to draw cooking vapours from the pots and pans. Equipped with an intuitive touch-control graphic display, its intelligent Opti link function allows the hob and integrated hood to automatically determine the vapour-extraction strength.

Available at V-Zug Singapore

3. Include a bar trolley

Make sure your guests get their fill of wines, cocktails, and soft drinks throughout your party with the Oscar drinks trolley by Porada. Designed by Giovanna Azzarello, the trolley is composed of Canaletto walnut wood shelves set on a chrome-plated metal frame. The Oscar combines elements from side tables with old-fashioned serving trolleys to add to its vintage charm.

Available at Marquis QSquare

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4. Equip your kitchen with top gear

If you’re looking to prepare gourmet meals for family and guests without breaking a sweat, Teka’s iOven SS is a worthwhile investment. This intelligent, multifunctional oven comes with 50 preset recipes and a variety of functions. It can be set to bread-baking mode or automatic quick-heating mode, and is equipped with temperature sensors and a cleaning system.

Available at Teka

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5. Keep it neat

Made of a non-woven material that muffles the clang of metal and china, Flex-Boxes by Next125 are a smart choice for organising space in your kitchen drawers. The system consists of seven inserts that can be used in a variety of ways to store utensils, dinnerware and condiments. These boxes can be easily wiped clean, or placed in a dishwasher, and are a great way to customise your storage compartments.

Available at W. Atelier

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6. Find chic companions

Make room for guests in your kitchen with the Blink counter stool from Stellar Works. Designed by Yabu Pushelberg, these steel-frame seats have a compact and elegant profile and a modern look that complements a wide variety of interior styles; these counter stools can also turn your kitchen island into a convenient spot for breakfast.

Available at P5 Studio

7. Make room for coffee

As the modern kitchen sometimes doubles up as a home office, a convenient supply of quality coffee is essential. Part of De Dietrich’s sleek, minimalist Platinum Collection, the DKD7400X built-in Compact Coffee Machine is a welcome addition to kitchens and is an easy way to get a quick pick-me-up in the morning.

Available at De Dietrich Asia

8. Add The Rugged Touch of Concrete

The Topus concrete surface—a new addition to Caesarstone’s Metropolitan collection—lets you bring the industrial look of concrete to your kitchen counters and work surfaces. Inspired by the material’s rugged texture, this counter surface carries a hint of pink, making it a perfect fit with neutral or off-white walls. It also pairs beautifully with stained parquet floors, dark timber cabinets, and stainless steel hardware.

Available at Caesarstone Singapore

9. Create the perfect frame

A high degree of transparency and visual connectivity to other areas of the home is ideal when designing an open-concept kitchen. You can achieve this effect with the Open double shelf, designed by Piero Lissoni for Boffi. Constructed from tie rods suspended from the ceiling, this shelving system is useful for maximising space above the kitchen island. Add an integrated light for neat, space-saving illumination.

Available at Boffi Singapore

10. Let there be light

Created by Danish design studio Goodmorning Technology for Luceplan, the Archetype suspension lamp combines innovative technology and comfortable light diffusion with clean lines and a pure and simple form. With a modern lampshade and balanced light source, the Archetype provides good illumination for worktops, island counters, and breakfast bars in both classic as well as contemporary kitchens.

Available at Million Lighting

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