Cover Loewe Tomato Leaves Diffuser, from Casa Loewe (Image by: Loewe)

These reed diffusers will help improve the ambience of your home—here are our top picks from brands that include Loewe, Jo Malone, Baobab Collection and many more

These days, soothing home scents are definitely high up on our priority lists as we focus on making our homes to be as comfortable as possible. Enter the humble reed diffuser, which provides an enchanting fragrance with little or no maintenance required. Compared to candles, reed diffusers are also safer to use in a home filled with energetic pets or children.  

On top of that, these reed diffusers are luxurious and charming in both scent and décor. Besides their healing aromatherapy effect, they’d also make a striking addition to coffee tables and vanities.

To save you the headache of scouring through the plethora of options on the market, we’ve gathered a visually appealing selection for you. Choose a rejuvenating citrus scent that freshens the space, or lull yourself to sleep with a soothing lavender scent. Pick your favourite fragrance, with help from our top picks here.  

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Loewe Tomato Leaves Diffuser, from Casa Loewe

Housed in a crimson fluted ceramic vessel, this zesty rattan diffuser from Spanish luxury house Loewe delivers an invigorating scent. The tomato leaves essence will pique your senses and perhaps even bring to mind a sun-soaked tomato garden.  

Available at Casa Loewe Singapore.

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Acqua Di Parma Buongiorno Room Diffuser, from Escentials

Travelling might be off the books right now, but you can get your home to smell like an Italian countryside vacation with this fresh scent. The long-lasting notes of Italian lemon, jasmine and cedarwood will allow for an olfactory escape.  

Available at Escentials.

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Fornasetti L’Ape Diffusing Sphere, from Net-a-Porter

This ceramic vessel from Fornasetti features the brand’s signature ‘bee on the nose’ artwork. The conversation-starting interior accent releases a steady stream of thyme, incense, cedarwood and lavender notes. 

Available at Net-a-Porter.

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Dr. Vranjes Rosso Nobile Decanter Diffuser, from Flaming Queen

Wine enthusiasts will love this unique diffuser. Housed in an elegant decanter, the founder of namesake brand Dr. Vranjes was inspired to create this rich wine scent after a friend claimed that the aroma of red wine was impossible to be reproduced in a fragrance. Breathe in the nuances of a Tuscan red, layered with sweet citrusy notes of orange and berries.

Available at Flaming Queen.

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Tom Dixon London Reed Diffuser, from Net-a-Porter

Reminiscent of London’s most iconic locations, Tom Dixon’s London reed diffuser features an ornamental copper vessel and a heady scent consisting of black pepper, oud wood, and vetiver.

Available at Net-a-Porter.

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Jo Malone Velvet Rose & Oud Diffuser, from Jo Malone

Infused with the scent of damask roses, this elegant reed diffuser offers a dark and sensual touch. The signature sleek, minimalist design of the Jo Malone bottle will fit into any space.

Available at Jo Malone boutiques.  

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Baobab Collection Cities Grand Palais Diffuser, from Flaming Queen

The dazzling 9-karat gold printed glass of this lustrous reed diffuser takes centre stage here. Inspired by the dreamy Grand Palais historical museum in Paris, the vessel is beautifully packaged to represent the building’s noteworthy name. Fresh hints of coriander, patchouli, and tonka will introduce a woody, warm ambience.  

Available at Flaming Queen.