The Le Silex piano by Edelweiss Pianos is an adventurous music lover's dream

Whether you are musically inclined or simply appreciate great music, the Le Silex piano by UK-based Edelweiss Pianos will surely strike a chord with you for it is the epitome of artistry genius. Inspired by the texture of flint—a hard grey rock form of quartz—the piano has been meticulously crafted to look like it had survived a lightning strike, gaining waves of mineral deposits or glossy stone. Hand-sculpted from a life‑sized clay render, its resulting deconstructed form resembles a piece of art more than a conventional musical instrument.

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Only seven Le Silex pianos will ever be produced, each taking a team of 15 designers and artisans six months to craft.
To make each piece even more unique, owners can choose the exact undulation of the piano, while finer details such as its hand-painted texture and tactile finish can also be customised according to one’s preferences. The musical instrument also boasts superior sound quality and an additional self-playing feature, which utilises a built-in iPod pre-programmed with 400 songs to help create a divine atmosphere for those who love to entertain at home. 

Quick facts about the Le Silex

  • £275,000: The starting price of a Le Silex piano by Edelweiss Pianos
  • 2008: The year the Edelweiss brand was launched by 1066 Pianos, a Cambridge-based piano maker founded by physicist and concert piano tuner, John Roy Norman, in 1975  
  • 6: The number of months it takes to craft a Le Silex piano