Thinking of a home refresh? Consider these Feng Shui approved colour suggestions by Master Marites Allen

Science has shown that colour has the power to affect our emotions, mindset and overall energy. An article by WebMD entitled “How colour can affect you,” shares that “it can even change your mood and your behaviour, maybe even your diet and who you find attractive.” While research from Keith Jacobs and Frank Hustmyer discovered almost fifty years ago that colour influences our heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration.

As we ring in the Lunar New Year, Feng Shui Master, Marites Allen, also makes the case for colour and shares with us which hues must we infuse into our décor this year of the Water Tiger.

Black, Blue, and Gray

“Colours represent different elements and life aspects in feng shui. The water element represents wealth and associated with the colours black, blue, and gray. Use these colours to enhance wealth potential, improve business profits, and increase income through work. Note, however, that there is sufficient water element in the annual paht chee or destiny chart, so care must be taken that you do not use more than what is needed. Always aim for balance, or else the opposite result may happen. Complement an all-black outfit with a bag, belt, or shawl in a different colour.”

Red, Pink, and Purple

“Since the fire element is missing in the chart, the colours red, pink, and purple are suggested to make up for that absence and invite cosmic support and favourable prospects. Red is popularly used to welcome the Chinese New Year because this yang colour is believed to attract good fortune.”

White, Silver, and Gold

“Another missing element in the paht chee chart is metal; that is why white, silver, and gold are ideal color choices for 2022 as well. Metal represents focus, logic, and decisiveness, which help in setting up and implementing plans and important projects or cutting through life’s complications.”


“As I mentioned during our December webinar, the Year of the Water Tiger has indications of strained relationships, separation, and division. This makes yellow an important colour choice for 2022. This earth colour stands for stability, helpful alliances and social networks. It helps one to stay grounded and be surrounded by people who are willing to help during difficult times.”

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