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Add these intricate glass and ceramic pieces sourced from across Japan to your Christmas wish list

With a long-standing history in craft, Japan is best known for its myriad of artisanal offerings that include pottery, textiles, lacquerware, metalworking, bamboo and woodworking, paper-making, and more.

These crafts branch off further into various traditional techniques, each shaped by the way of life, landscape, and climate of its region. However, they all come together to define a distinctive appreciation of beauty that is uniquely Japanese.

Huls Gallery Singapore pays tribute to this quality with its curated collection of fine crafts from around the land of the rising sun. Tucked away in Duxton Hill, it is a tranquil space for appreciating the intricacies of Japanese craft, themed around the ideas of ‘roots’ and ‘touch’.

The former, to educate collectors about the craftsmanship and history behind each piece, and the latter, to allow these customers to interact with and experience the items themselves.

Porcelain from Arita, lacquerware from Ishikawa, as well as wooden bowls, sake glassware, enamelled tea sets are just some of the works on display, produced by over 50 rising craft makers and artists. Each piece is personally sourced by Huls’ founder and CEO Yusuke Shibata, making the gallery’s collection all the more niche and exclusive.

We pick six homeware collections that we love; they're perfect as gifts for the holiday season or to dress up the table for a feast.

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Ichirin Single Flower Vase

Elegant and dignified, these beautiful copper alloy flower vases utilise a traditional colouring process such that no two vases are quite the same, making them a unique gift for that special someone. Presented in their own wooden box and available in four soothing colours—Blue Sea, Peacock, Sumi Ink and Hazy Silver—they are made in Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture, an area with a 400-year history of copperware production.

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Seashore Plate

Designed to evoke the moment when the ocean meets the shore, this stylish plate is the result of a collaboration between chef Seita Nakahara, owner of inventive Singapore restaurant Terra Tokyo Italian, and Riso Porcelain, traditional Japanese porcelain-makers from the famous Arita area in Saga Prefecture. The plate comes in two designs—a sandblasted or gloss finish.

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Handmade Kuroco Glasses

These stylish contemporary-looking glasses utilise a traditional Edo-period technique known as Kiriko, which allows for patterns or colours to be cut into glass. The distinctive coal-black straight-line motifs offer an innovative take on this practice and are the creation of the Tokyo-based Kimoto Glass, which is known for specialising in glass sake ware.

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Elevate any table setting with these intriguing containers from Japanese porcelain experts Riso Porcelain, based in Arita, Saga prefecture. Created using a Japanese technique known as Shinogi, where ridge-lines are carved onto the porcelain’s surface, and based on traditional ko-imari methods that originated from Arita, the creations have proven very popular amongst chefs around the world. They are available in pure white or cosmic blue.

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Cascade Old Fashioned Glasses

Hand-crafted in Japan, these elegant glasses have a delicate, contemporary design, and yet are versatile enough to be used for any occasion. They are the creation of the artisans working at Sugahara, Tokyo, a company known for combining traditional techniques with modern sensibilities to create glass pieces with a distinct personality. The glasses are available in four colours—clear, tan, indigo, and carbon black.

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Cascade Tumbler Glasses

Featuring a distinctive elliptical design, these handcrafted glasses are a thing of beauty and make a wonderful talking point at any party. Its silhouette makes it a great option for highball drinks, while the robust design means they’re ideal for everyday use. They are created by the artisans working at Sugahara in Tokyo, a company known for their craftsmanship.

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