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Spring has officially arrived—what better way to welcome the season than to give your home a deep clean and a new look? To make this year’s spring cleaning your most productive yet, we've listed a few tips on how to make the process easier for a fresher home

We know spring cleaning your home can be more than a little overwhelming—but hear us out: the process is easier than you might think and it'll certainly bring joy to your space. Not only spring cleaning will help boost your mood and energy, but it’s also a productive way to spend time during social distancing

From revamping the wardrobe to finding the right air purifier and keeping your jewellery shiny and clean, these tasks are quick and yet effective to make your living spaces healthier and happier.

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1. Organise your wardrobe

Keep or toss? Living in a land-scarce city like Hong Kong, Marie Kondo-ing your closet is a necessary evil you have to go through regularly to maximise storage space.
Take out all the items from your wardrobe and put them into different categories: toss, donate and customise. Ask yourself, “Do I love it? Does it fit? Does it have a special meaning? Is it in good condition?” These are some questions you should think of prior ditching or donating items that no longer serve you. 
For the most treasured, luxury pieces—from your Chanel tweed jacket to Burberry trench coat and Celine classic box bag—give them some love by cleaning, or customising to repair minor damages like missing buttons, small rips and stains. If you’ve decided to part ways with your beloved items, while wishing to have them appreciated by fashion lovers like you, online luxury reselling platform Vestiaire Collective will lend you a hand. You can also try Farfetch's new luxury repair service to extend the life of your favourite designer shoes, bags and leather goods.

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2. Get the best out of your cleaning company

Yes, spring cleaning is an arduous marathon for busy urbanites—but it doesn’t have to be if we seek help from a trusted cleaning company. After having your space decluttered, leave the most difficult, dreaded cleaning tasks in the good hands of domestic cleaning groups such as TNT Group, Envirocare and Easy Home.  
Whether it’s sanitizing carpets, cleaning leather furniture or washing windows and air conditioners, these experts are dedicated to offering a hygienic environment in your home. It will save you a lot of time and will guarantee every inch of your home impossibly clean. 

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3. Clean and organise your jewellery collection

Hong Kong’s notoriously humid climate, everyday dust and germs are just a few factors that could harm your jewellery, making them appear tarnish or even causing skin irritation—if you don’t store and clean them properly. 
Luckily, Laura Chavez, founder of jeweller brand Lark & Berry is here to help. She shared a few tips on how to clean and polish your fine jewellery, so you can keep your pieces shining and beautiful like new.  
In fact, unkept jewellery can become a breeding ground for bacteria, so it’s best to keep your jewellery dry and organised in sealed containers. Luxury homeware brand Indigo Living has plenty of options for you to choose from; but if you’re keen to display your treasures for aesthetic appeal and easy access, you can take a look at Homeless’ catalogue of stylish jewellery stands.  

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4. Switch up your beauty routine

If you haven’t had time to clean out your expired skincare (and makeup) products and old brushes, spring cleaning is the perfect excuse to breathe new life into your beauty routine. Take out the items which are lying idle inside your cabinets and make more space for new purchases. You can even start practising a simpler, more sustainable beauty regimen by using cruelty-free and organic products.

While you're organising the dressing table, don't forget to wash and sanitize your makeup tools at least once a week to protect the skin from those hidden bacteria.  

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5. Add some greenery

Spring cleaning doesn’t always mean decluttering or bleaching the entire house. Sometimes, it means giving your home a wellness boost by sprucing up the rooms with beautiful, soothing decorations that’ll make you feel at ease all the time.  
While fresh flowers are always lovely, adding a burst of greenery is a great alternative to bring nature indoors. Not only houseplants can make your living space more inviting and cosier, but they also give plenty of physical and mental benefits. They can help neutralize chemicals and purify the air, improve your mood and even increase your productivity. 

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6. Find the right air purifier

You might be wondering: Do air purifiers work? Indoor air might not have the same level of pollutants when comparing to outdoor air. And, the fact is, we continuously exposed to different forms of indoor pollution—think pet dander, poorly maintained air conditioning system and our germ-covered everyday wear and shoes.  
Air purifiers can help remove particles and circulate the purified air back into the room, improving the air quality and allowing you to breathe safer. Those featuring High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters are good at removing harmful airborne microorganisms, which are particularly suitable for people who suffer from asthma or allergies.
Be sure to check the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) (CADR of at least 300, above 350 is excellent), and size guidelines when selecting air purifiers for your rooms. You might also consider buying a personal version or investing in a good dehumidifier to keep your household air fresh and clean.  

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7. Freshen up your digital space

It’s not just your house that needs some proper TLC this time of the year—your digital life does, too. Squeeze in some time to refresh your digital space by going through your devices and clean out all the unused files, apps, or duplicated old photos and videos that we don’t even remember. It’s also good to organise and back the important files up to an external hard drive to free up storage space, keeping your devices running fast and smooth.

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