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These decor elements will add a personal touch to your home

Decorating your own home is part of making it suited to your own taste, but what if you could personalise your furniture pieces to make it unique to your home? These collections can be customised in colour, style or material; some pieces such as artworks could also be fully tailormade to suit your interior.

Here are some customisable pieces to consider:

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 Bespoke pet painting from Amber Art Gallery

The Bespoke pet painting from Amber Art Gallery is a decorative artwork of the client’s choice of a pet or loved one. It was a way for Amber Lim, gallery owner, to help her friends cherish their memory of their furry friend by creating an artwork to remember the beloved pet on canvas. With the gallery’s ability to make the portrait as realistic as possible, whether through digital art or as an oil painting, this commissioned piece will be a work to be cherished.

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Poetry mirror from Synergraphic Design

A mirror is typically a necessity and we tend to stare at it for hours each day. The Poetry mirror by Synergraphic Design can feature a specially engraved word, name or phrase that you love; this personalised feature elevates and turns a simple mirror into a more distinguished piece of art.

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Altruistic Alphabet Porcelain Collection

Each of the featured designs from the Altruistic Alphabet Porcelain Collection from Supermama are created in collaboration with Touch SpecialCrafts; these are based on illustrations created by young talents with special needs. This collaboration allows the budding artists to gain independence financially and raises social awareness of intellectual disabilities.

The plates are individually handcrafted by artisans in Japan and each plate is stamped with letterings in gold leaf; choose your favourite design, as well as the alphabet and word that will be crafted in gold leaf detailing, onto the tableware. This plate is intended for use as a decor piece with the purpose of not only having a piece of decorative item in the living space but to also serve as a piece of work with sentimental value.  

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Tangerine table from Arthur Zaaro

This table from Arthur Zaaro is handmade with Peranakan tiles embedded onto cement and exotic disposed hardwood.

The company is known for their use of sustainable urban timber and has an innovative use of disposed wood for their products. The reworked wood is used in their tables, cutting boards and many other homeware items. The products are often unique as each piece is handmade by their local carpenters, so each piece of furniture you purchase from Arthur Zaaro is definitely uniquely crafted.  

Available at Arthur Zaaro 

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Austin curved sofa from Snow Globe

The Austin curved sofa by Snow Globe is a retro looking customisable sofa with a velvet finish. The sofa features a contrasting brushed gold stainless steal base and a variety of upholstery finishes to choose from. This 2-3 seater sofa is a statement piece and ideal for gatherings and entertaining with its ergonomic shape. 

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Boyle headboard with storage

The customised Boyle headboard with storage by Blafink has a multifunctional use. The headboard serves as a storage space for accessories and has a charging point for your mobile devices.

The headboard is made with with a solid hardwood frame and plywood and padded with foam and polyester fiber battling for comfort. It can be fully customised with specifications made to the height of the headboard, type of embellishments and upholstery. This feature of personalising your own headboard entirely allows you to match its design to the look of your room.

Available at Blafink 

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Wood and epoxy resin table

De woodscape specialises in wood tables with epoxy resin used to fill up any empty space or cracks in the wood. Repurposing slabs of wood, founder Melvin Lau experiments with different types of resin to find the perfect combination to compliment the hardwood used. The end result is a fun looking river-like stream of decorative resin that works well together with the wood surfaces. 

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Valet Tray Set With Customised Engraving

The valet tray set from Bynd Artisan is crafted with high quality leather and stitching. The set comes with the option of customisable engraving and is extremely convenient to store small items. The detatchable buttons on each end of the tray allows the tray to be portable. The set comes in varies sizes which can be easily utilised to store anything. 

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French linen bedding set from Sunday Bedding

Sunday Bedding's French linen bedding set has the perfect natural crinkly texture of the linen material. Specially on Tatler Homes Curates, the bedding features a unique option of having custom embroidered initials on the pillowcases; this personalised option elevates the entire set and gives it a more personal touch. 

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Eden crystal chandelier from Windfall

This lighting collection from Windfall can be make bespoke to suit your interior scheme; when lit, the lighting piece reflects the beauty of each crystal. In natural sunlight, the crystals reflect a subtle light-catching shine. Each of the crystals on the lighting are carefully manufactured by Swarovski; with the attention given to every part of the chandelier, the lighting piece is almost akin to a work of art.

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