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For avid cooks who take great pleasure in whipping up sumptuous feasts at home, a stylish kitchen with a high level of functionality is a must

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Pick The Right Layout

AB Concept's gourmand clients generally own state-of-the-art appliances and tools, so the next step for the AB Concept team would be to create a kitchen design that best accommodates such equipment. “Passionate cooks also like collecting beautiful dinnerware sets, which they often use when they entertain,” says Ed Ng, co-founder of the Hong Kong-based studio. “Because of this, we create display areas so our clients can showcase their collections.”

For large kitchens, he suggests double-loaded layouts with two parallel workstations (like the layout pictured above): one placed against the wall and the other an elongated, fully equipped island counter.  “Such a layout gives cooks plenty of room to place their ingredients and tools, and they can move from one workstation to another with ease,” explains Ng.

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Opt for sleek and multifunctional appliances

Combining texturally engaging materials like cast iron and glass, De Dietrich’s Absolute Black collection of powerful kitchen appliances comes in deep black with sophisticated copper finishing. The collection includes a variety of induction hobs, gas burners, grills, hoods, microwaves, warming drawers and multifunctional ovens with technology that allows you to cook with the precision of a professional chef.

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Steep the kitchen in coffee culture

The fully automatic 400 series espresso machines from Gaggenau are a great way to make a cup of coffee exactly the way you like it. Connected to your water source, the machine has a self-cleaning programme and is constantly supplied with water so you won’t need to refill the tank. The machine can save up to eight of your favourite beverage configurations; you can even customise beverage size, coffee strength, coffee-milk ratio, water temperature, and how coarsely or finely you want your beans ground.

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Store it well

At P5, which carries Molteni&C | Dada furniture and kitchen systems, the team first determines the cooking styles and aesthetic preferences of the owners before designing their kitchen. “Plan the layout based on how and what you cook. An open plan works best for heavily utilised kitchens,” says Terence Choo, the marketing and public relations manager of P5. “We will then determine the location and design of the storage, food preparation, cooking, and washing zones to create a holistic workflow within the space.”

Serious cooks should incorporate smart kitchen storage (such as through the Ratio system, pictured above, designed by Vincent Van Duysen for Dada) and appliances for more convenient food preparation, as well as smart kitchen materials that are easy to maintain and won’t stain.

“A kitchen is basically a workshop and crafting a dish is complex work for the serious cook,” adds Ed Ng, co-founder of Hong Kong-based studio AB Concept. “So it’s important to make sure that everything that’s needed—pans, knifes, plates, ingredients—can be conveniently accessed." He explains that the home chef’s kitchen should be designed to help its owner conserve time and energy, so they can focus on their craft. 

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Incorporate this bright idea

First produced in 1931,the Kaiser Idell lamp from Fritz Hansen has become a classic—it epitomises the Bauhaus movement’s ethos of creating versatile, functional designs that still remain relevant today. Now available in a smaller size and in four new high-gloss colours, the lamp makes a colourful addition to any space, whether used as a single lamp or as a line of lights floating above the dining table.

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Warm up your plates with ease

If you entertain regularly, you’ll know how frustrating it can be to prepare a hot dish but have it turn cold by the time your guests arrive. V-Zug helps to solve this problem with warming drawers that keep food toasty before serving time. These drawers come with touch controls that save your frequent settings and also additional functions for drying, defrosting and low-temperature cooking.

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Stick to classic styles

Elden Lim, creative director and founder of interior design consultancy Minimo recommends bright and airy open-plan concepts that allow passionate cooks to showcase their skills in front of their guests. “Consider including both a dry kitchen where family and guests can have snacks and light meals, and a wet kitchen where the messier, more heavy-duty tasks like wok-frying take place,” says Lim. 

Antique details from classical European kitchens are combined with modern aesthetics in Masa, a stylish system by Miton Cucine that features luxurious Carrara marble surfaces. White lacquered columns, bases and wall mounts, natural oak worktops, and brushed stainless steel pulls come together in Masa to create a contemporary classic that’s pure, functional, and timelessly elegant.

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Add a rugged edge

A perfect simulation of cement and concrete, Dekton’s four new additions to the Industrial series will add a rugged touch to your kitchen. Made with 80 per cent recycled material, the designs include Trillium (seen above), which is inspired by volcanic stones; Radium, which is influenced by patinated steel and Nilum, which takes its cues from oxidised silver; and Orix, which mimics worn cement.

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Keep your kitchen the spick and span

Cleaning your oven may be one of the most time-consuming kitchen tasks. Teka helps you take care of this problem with its latest self-cleaning ovens. Teka’s Dual clean range offers you two options: Pyrolysis, which uses high heat to eliminate food residue so you can easily remove it with a cloth, and Hydroclean, a patented system that uses steam to remove surface dirt.

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Add seats by the counter

Make your kitchen counter a space to gather by including bar stools so that guests can sit and chat while having cocktails and snacks. Designed by Christophe Pillet for Emeco, the Sezz stools are lightweight and portable. These seats are made of 80 per cent recycled aluminium, have a strong industrial aesthetic, and marry comfort and style to create versatile pieces that work well with modern concepts.

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Keep it cool with state-of-art equipment

If you entertain regularly, you’ll need a wine cooler in your kitchen. Kadeka’s Signature Series is the first inverter technology wine cooler available in Singapore. The technology, which includes a compressor that runs at a slow speed to continuously maintain a consistent temperature, enables the wine chiller to be more energy-efficient and eco-friendly, while keeping your wines and champagnes in prime condition.

The KS194TL/TR Connoisseur Set model can hold 194 bottles on shelves with telescopic rollers that let you extend the shelves for easy access to bottles stored near the rear of the cooler.

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Culinary talk

Cook fish encased in ice and other marvellous culinary feats with the Dialog oven from the Generation 7000 series by Miele. Using electromagnetic waves and intelligent sensors, the oven is able to cook food in a variety of methods simultaneously—a salmon fillet for instance, can be cooked in two halves, such that one half is fully cooked while the other remains raw to be served sashimi-style.

The sensors are able to detect the molecular changes of different ingredients and react accordingly to achieve the precise specifications needed for each dish.

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