Issa Reyes gives us tips on how to sort our junk drawers

We know you have one. That one drawer where you just dump anything that you’re not sure of. The things that have no place but need to be kept. A random paper clip, old power cords, old remotes, receipts, pens, rubber bands, manuals, coins, a small allen wrench you only used once, batteries that are perhaps only half empty…. All jumbled up and jammed in. You know exactly which drawer I’m talking about.

Now that we are home and we have the time, why not tackle the “Anything Goes Drawer” and see if we can put some method to the madness. In our second installment of our conversations with Issa Reyes of Neat Obsessions, she walks us through how to put organize “that” drawer.

In every house there is a drawer where we just dump anything and never get to sort and organize. How do we even get started?

If you are new to organizing, it’s best to attend to one drawer at a time.

  • Come up with a category on the items that you will find inside. Example: receipts, office supplies, medicines, tools. If you think that items that you find does not belong in that area, move those items to where it is more appropriate.
  • Use a drawer sorter to create zones inside the drawers. This will help you look for your items more efficiently.
  • Be consistent. Use the assigned areas and do not put in items that doesn’t belong in the drawer.

What receptacles can we use to keep things organized?

You may use recycled boxes. Phone boxes or gift boxes are good drawer inserts. You may also use bamboo sorters or acrylic ones if you want it to look more uniformed and organized.

What to do with old receipts? Old Power cords? Instruction manuals? Old remotes? When to keep and when to throw?

  • Credit Cards – you may keep for a year for review
  • Receipts – unless you own a business and you use it for taxes keep for a year, if not within the exchange period the dispose
  • Manuals – cut the language that you understand to save some space rather than filing the thick manual. Put these in an envelope or clear folder.
  • Warranties – file warranties and dispose expired ones
  • Kids Activity sheets – choose what you want to save for keepsakes. You may also opt to take photos of it and create a photobook. You may even give it as a gift to grandparents like a coffee table book.
  • For powercords and remotes – if you can’t pair it with any appliance or device you may throw it or there are junk shops that accept those types of items too.