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Having a dedicated workout corner might just give you the motivation you need to stay fit while staying at home

Been trawling Pinterest for design inspiration on home gyms in 2021? Don't be discouraged if you don't have the time nor the budget to commit to a home remodeling project anytime soon. While a home gym has its benefits—whether in lockdown or not—at present, creating a simple workout corner or space within your home may just be the easier and (less expensive) solution you need to keep motivated in your fitness journey. Get started with these quick tips. 

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Choose the space

We know that it's easier said than done. When choosing a room or corner for your workout activities, there are a few points to consider based off the kind of workouts you'll be doing there. Does your space need a high ceiling for jumps? Suitable flooring for your workout needs? Is it well ventilated?

With narrow spaces, for instance, a small unused corner in your living room or bedroom, a space at the top of the stairs or even your outdoor balcony, make sure there's enough room to lay out a yoga mat, a plyometric mat or some non-slip mats. Ideally, look for a space that's tucked away from others in your household to minimise interruptions.

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Ambience is essential

Personalise your workout corner ambience with decorative elements that inspire you, whether that be posters with motivational quotes, artwork, hanging plants or twinkle lights. Picking a nice spot by a large window in your house is great for lighting the space naturally—but if not, work with what you have.

Is there space for a mirror or two on the walls? Add them to open up tiny spaces and be sure to keep them free of clutter—this is where wall-mounted shelves, concealed storage or moveable carts are key to storing your exercise gear and activewear neatly, and ensure that you return to a neat and tidy space, ready to exercise. 

If there's space, set up a speaker system to blast out those heart-pumping tracks while you burn calories.

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Luxe it up

You might train like a Spartan, but your workout corner needn't look as severe. Simple yet elegant touches make a big difference— whether that be a shelf lined with neatly folded white face towels, an aromatherapy diffusor or even a mini fridge to pack those ice cold kombuchas for a post-workout refreshment. 

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