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Summer is just around the corner, so we’re letting you know the products to buy now to help beat the Hong Kong humidity

With the summer months and rainy season fast approaching in Hong Kong, the city’s notorious humidity won’t be kept at bay for much longer. With the change in weather imminent, we’re already prepping our wardrobes and beauty supplies to beat the heat, but another area not to be overlooked is our homes. To keep humidity in check – and our apartments fresh and damp free – investing in a good dehumidifier is a must. Not sure where to start? Here we list five of the best dehumidifiers money can buy.
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LG 70-Pint PuriCare Dehumidifier

LG’s PuriCare Dehumidifier features a sleek design and black finish, but it’s not all style and no substance. It can work to collect up to 70 pints of moisture per day for a room up to 2,000 square feet, with the LED display and clear water tank making monitoring the water level a breeze.
Price: $2,877
Available at
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Philips DE5205 2-in-1 Dehumidifier

A household name for quality products, Philips 2-in-1 Dehumidifier works to not only reduce moisture levels in your home, but also purify air. The product can dehumidify up to 25 litres a day, with the automatic dehumidification controls allowing you to pre-set the humidity level at 40%, 50%, 60%, 70% and 80% room humidity. During dry weather, the purify only mode allows you to rid your air of allergens and pollutants.
Price: $3,980
Available at
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German Pool Portable Type Air Conditioner PAC-115

Another multi-use product, the German Pool Portable Type Air Conditioner can be used to cool, heat and dehumidify your space. The slimline design has a built in eco mode to optimise energy usage and the independent dehumidifying function can collect up to 90 litres of water a day.
Price: $6,280
Available at

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Panasonic 33L Super Alleru-buster Dehumidifier F-YCM33H

Panasonic’s Alleru-buster Dehumidifier not only has a dehumidifying capacity of 33 litres per day, but its super alleru-buster filter can help to rid your home of allergens, bacteria, mould and smells. As an added bonus, the ECONAVI is a great option for energy saving.
Price: $5,480
Available at

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Whirlpool Puri-Pro Dehumidpurifier DS241HW

The Whirlpool Puri-Pro Dehumidpurifier lives up to its name, working to dehumidify and purify your home’s air. Featuring a slim-design, the 5-level purification system removes airborne bacteria, while the dehumidifying is up to 24 litres per day.
Price: $2,930
Available at

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