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With many of us dining at home more than usual, liven up your next dinner party with these bold patterned plates and dishes from luxury fashion and homeware brands

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Richard Ginori

As one of Italy’s leading producers in high-quality tableware, Richard Ginori has over 280 years of history in making fine Italian porcelain. Find a wide range of colourful and fancy patterned plates that will elevate your dining experience here, from elegant animal prints, classic floral paintings to hand-decorated modern Roman-inspired designs. 

Available at Lane Crawford

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The porcelain bowls, plates, dishes, cups and mugs found at iconic fashion House Hermès features bold colours and intricately detailed patterns. The brand's tableware is sure to make a statement at your next dinner party. For those who are looking for something more playful and quirky, Hermès also offers fun circus themed tableware and refined Persian miniature style decorated plates.

Available at Hermès

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André Fu Living

Founded by renowned interior architect André Fu, André Fu Living offers luxurious tableware. The designs are inspired by the architect’s childhood memories from the 80s and are bold, simple and sophisticated. Find unique and modern decorative patterned plates that will elevate your home here. 

Available at Lane Crawford

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Crafted using Richard Ginori’s fine white porcelain, Italian fashion House Gucci produces beautifully patterned high-end tableware. Not only will you be able to wear your fabulous Gucci outfit to the dinner table, but will also be able to eat off beautiful floral Gucci plates and dishes.

Available at Gucci

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Shanghai Tang

Inspired by traditional china, Shanghai Tang serves up beautiful tableware that are decked with artistic floral Chinese designs. Since its establishment in 1994, Shanghai Tang has been a pioneer in bringing Chinese culture and craftsmanship onto the global stage. The bowls and plates by the brand are no exception, and brings true Chinese craftsmanship straight to your dining table.

Available at Shanghai Tang

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Jonathan Adler

The next time you’re hosting a brunch, lunch or dinner with your friends and family, why not surprise them with some unexpected glamour? American potter and designer Jonathan Adler offers a set of tableware that features a unique splash of solid gold that are sure to have guests talking. The brand also offers other eccentric and unexpected designs like their geometric blue patterned plates, golden stainless steel brass bowls and face-shaped bowls.  

Available at Lane Crawford

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LA DoubleJ

On top of LA DoubleJ’s wide range of fun ready-to-wear clothing pieces, the brand also offers an equally loud and bold set of tableware too. If you’re looking for bright and colourful plates to match your equally creative dishes, LA DoubleJ’s dining sets make for an excellent addition.

Available at La DoubleJ

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